Your eyes ~ timeless self care, the Ayurvedic way

Your eyes ~ timeless self care, the Ayurvedic way

Summer is Pitta time of year – in Ayurveda, it means the fire element is increasing and possibly aggravated.  You might feel it in your mood, your competitiveness  might have increased for example, or you might be feeling and acting more aggressive than usual, or you are quicker to anger than usual….all signs that Pitta dosha is aggravated.

Balancing the doshas is key to maintaining health and balance and preventing disease, so if you have noticed Pitta (increase in your fire element) increasing, then it’s time to take action before it overflows into other parts of the body and ends up causing you inflammation.

One of the first places Pitta dosha can accumulate is in the eyes.  It’s one of the first signs you get when the fire element is aggravated.  The eyes are closely related to the liver, another place the Pitta dosha resides.   This is why people with liver disease, also have discoloration and issues with their eyes like in hepatitis.

Let’s look at ways to calm the fire in your eyes, reduce inflammation and infections in the eyes caused by an aggravated Pitta dosha.  The eye washing instructions provided below, will help to keep the eyes clean, refreshed, nourished, and free from inflammation – perfect for the aggravated Pitta dosha.

Triphala Powder Eye Wash:  (you can order here) 

  • 8 ounces of boiled, hot water
  • ½ tsp triphala powder

Stir triphala powder in hot water mixture well and allow to cool.  You can make this eye wash the night before and allow the decoction to sit overnight, or you can make it in the morning and allow it to settle all day.  One to two hours is sufficient time for the triphala powder to settle and the solution to be saturated with triphala’s beneficial nutrients.

Strain with a cheesecloth and fill an eye cup  full with the strained triphala water.   Bend forward and press the cup into your eye socket, with your eye closed. Then lift your head/eye cup upward as you tilt your head back, allowing the diluted triphala water to fill the eye cavity of your closed eye. Then open your eye and soak your eye in the triphala water for a few moments, blinking a few times. Be sure that you’re not wearing eye makeup or contacts when you do this.

Wash the eye cup (you may need to sterilize it if your eye had any infection going on) and repeat on the other side.

Use this eye wash for any type of eye problem such as redness, dry eyes, stye, irritated eyes, fatigued eyes, etc.

Let me know how you liked the eye wash – I would love to hear about your experience!

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