Your desire is my passion

Your desire is my passion

I see you, I know how you feel, I know you want to feel good, look good, and yet….

There’s a stigma, a frowning upon, or worse yet….

You might be labeled as a fraud, as a fake, or even a liar.

Why all this judgement?  Because you want to look good?  Because you want to see yourself as beautiful?  Because you still want to be desired? 

Society says it’s ok…

that as a yogi, an Ayurvedic practitioner, or other Holistic coach,  get tattooed from head to toe.  It’s your artistic right.

It’s totally fine to smoke dope and get high.

It’s totally fine to have free love and date people 30 years your senior or junior (yeah, in essence, they could be your child).

It’s totally ok to be a nomad, to travel endlessly around the world, seeking….

to not pay your taxes because you claim no country or state as your residence.

It’s ok to color your hair like a rainbow, to shave it, or to just simply highllight it to cover your grays.


to get piercings in every surface of your body and face….(even organs…no judgement though)!

Because you are expressing yourself

Because you are free

Because these ‘things’ that you do to yourself  make you feel beautiful, alive, and bring you joy in a way that only YOU can understand.


But why, then do you judge and shake your head in disbelief when one of your tribe members decides that they want cosmetic enhancement?  

Why do you judge when a woman decides to enhance her breasts, her face, or remove the excess skin off her tummy after several births?  To her this is beauty, this is her way of expressing herself, of loving herself, and feeling joy….. Just like you did when you pierced your cheeks, tongue, and nose.

Why are they less of a yogi, less of a holistic practioner, or a wellness advocate?

You are the meditator, the peace maker, the one with a higher consciousness.

OR so you claim!


Go ahead, get pierced, get tattooed, color your hair orange, I don’t care.  If that makes you happy, if that makes you feel beautiful, if that’s how you want to express yourself…. YOU are beautiful no matter what you do.  

And so is the woman practicing next to you on her yoga mat who just had her breasts enhanced, or her tummy tucked, or botox on her forehead.

Like you, she wants to feel beautiful, young, desired, noticed, and most of all LOVED.


Poison is not just what you put in your body, poison is how you think.  

Your judgements and your scrutiny are more poisonous than mercury.


It’s all vibration baby.  Stop kidding yourself, you haven’t evolved that much yet, as a matter of fact, it will take life times.

So go ahead, let your pretentiousness drop, and admit it, you hate getting old, but instead of botox, you get another piercing or another tatoo to hide what’s underneath.


Baby, there is no herb out there that’s going to fix that wrinkle, but if you’re good with your wrinkles so am I.  But don’t EVER judge or shame the woman next to you that decided instead of a tattoo she would get those wrinkles removed.  

Be beautiful

Be bold

Be you

It all fades way too quickly and soon we will be dust.

So enjoy your beauty, enhance it if it pleases you, do EVERYTHING you can to be desirable, sexy, gorgeous, and courageous to be YOU!

For every woman out there who goes under the knife, I LOVE YOU, I AM PASSIONATE FOR YOU and I RESPECT YOU!


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