Initial Ayurvedic Consultation

Discovering your unique constitution will help you understand your tendencies, how to navigate the world with more clarity and allow you to tap into your inner healer.

During our sessions together you will learn which forces of energy dominate your constitution and how these qualities affect different aspects of your life.

The initial intake consists of pulse analysis, tongue analysis, questions around your long-term and short-term health, physical findings (e.g. digestion, elimination, sleep cycles,), mental and emotional patterns of thought and reactions to stress, as well as your long term and short term health and life goals.

Report of Findings

Your second follow up consultation will consists of reviewing your constitution (prakruti) and present situation (Vikruti) before recommending a personalized Ayurvedic lifestyle which may include Dietary changes, Meditation, Pranayama,  Herb formulations, and Mantras, to improve health and happiness.

You will receive a detailed and personalized roadmap of how to reach your short term and long term health goals.

Ayurveda is a system of medicine that provides a variety of healing methods to reach balance and optimal health physically and mentally.  By taking small incremental steps towards your desire goal, you will be able to heal, slow down biological aging and prevent disease.

I am here to help you on your journey of health, slowing down biological aging, increasing happiness and peace, improving self awareness, increasing self-care, and opening you up to the divine healing potential that is inside of you.

Initial Ayurvedic Consultation and Report of Findings  (2.5 hours – includes two consultations with tongue and pulse analysis).  $225


Chandra Wellness Package ~ package of 6 Consultations (Initial Consultation, Report of Findings, and 4 Follow up Visits ~ $500   Booked separately, this package would cost $605.  I am happy to help you on your journey to wellness with this exclusive Chandra Wellness Package.  

Package of 6 consultations (Initial Consultation, Report of Findings and 4 Follow up Visits) + 1 Chandra Bliss Therapy Treatment  ~ $750  (Save $105)

Package of 6 consultations (Initial Consultation, Report of Findings and 4 Follow up Visits) + 3 Chandra Bliss Therapy Treatments ~ $1000  (Save $355)

Follow-up Visits

After your Initial Ayurvedic Consultation and Case Findings Report, I encourage you to book regular follow-up visits.  Reaching desired health goals takes time and patience. Together, we will work on the root cause of disease and avoid the ‘magic pill’ approach will only causes more complications and side effects.

Healing occurs when time and space are given for your body to do its natural job of healing.  Follow up visits can consist of a number of therapies and may include the following recommendations:  Diet and lifestyle guidance, herbal recommendations, Ayurvedic bodywork therapies, yoga, guided meditation, and breathing (pranayama) techniques.

Each consultation includes a pulse and tongue analysis.

60 minutes ~ $95

Package of 5 consultations ~ $450

Package of 10 consultation ~ $750

**As part of your treatment plan, you may be advised to add on an Ayurvedic Body Treatment Package.

Appointments can be done in person, phone, or Zoom video conferencing.  

This is a holistic approach to health drawing on my knowledge and education as an Ayurvedic Practioner and Western medicine to help you create your individualized health blueprint now and for the years ahead.

Privacy Notice: All information discussed between client and practitioner are subject to HIPPA laws and may not be shared without the explicit written request of the client.


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Let me guide you through the magical healing world of Ayurvedic Medicine, and watch your health and life to transform.

I look forward to getting to know you better!

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