Woman in the forest

Woman in the forest

Personally, I prefer the tropical forest, like Hawaii, but nevertheless, I am a woman in the forrest.

According to Ayurveda, if you are entering your fifty’s or if you are there already, like myself, you are entering the 3rd stage of life. Ayurveda defines our life span as approximately 4 stages, assuming that the average life span is 100 years.


The first stage of life, consists of the formal education years lasting until about age 25. This is the stage where you are learning, developing skills, and preparing for your future profession, family, and social life.

The second stage of life is the householder stage which lasts until around age 50. Here you are undertaking the responsibility of earning a living, supporting and raising a family, and accumulating material things.

The third stage, which is the stage I am at, is the period from around age 50-75. This is the stage of withdrawal, where you may literally leave your home and head for the ‘forest’ to spend your time in prayer and getting to know who you are, what your soul is about. You can take your spouse with you, but you ‘let go’ of everyone else. At this stage, you are considered an elder in the community; you teach and share your wisdom with only those that seek you out and make the effort to visit you.

This can be a very harsh and lonely stage of life, and I’m not particularly thrilled at being in the ‘forrest’ alone. On the other hand, I am naturally withdrawing from the ‘busyness’ of society and of life responsibilities. And my dharma at this point is to continue my spiritual path of Ayurveda and to help those that seek me for healing and for knowledge.

The final and fourth stage is the renunciation and realization of dharma. This is the stage devoted to God and the sole concern becomes attaining moksha or release from the circle of brith and death. Again, not an easy task…to release all attachments and responsibilities.

It’s been a very interesting evolution for me, finding my dharma which is Ayurveda; helping to heal my clients with the wisdom of Ayurveda, body work, herbs, panchakarma, marma, and pranic healing, but at the same time withdrawing from the usual worldly demands and busy activities. It’s indeed a spiritual awakening for me, and a time where I have probably been the most content because of one very important reason…I am learning to just ‘let go’. The ‘doing’, the ‘pushing’, the ‘fighting’ my way through something or situation is no longer necessary, and I am just loving the freedom that this new sense of ‘being’ brings.

What stage of life are you at and how is it working for you? I would love to hear your comments.

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