When your soul is bare

When your soul is bare

It’s not everyday you meet someone you can bare your soul to without judgement.

It’s even more rare to meet couples that you and your partner can not only enjoy spending time with, but actually feel like you’ve known them forever.

It happened out of no where, and the odds were very rare!

Us, moving to Long Beach, meeting a beautiful couple two doors down close to our age….then another couple moved in a few houses down – again, close to our age, and full of wonderful surprises…

He’s a Zen Buddhist Master, not someone I would likely have a chance of meeting, his partner is from Denmark, and again, the odds of meeting her and becoming friends  – close to none.  In fact, we probably had a better chance of winning the lottery than all 6 of us meeting, and bonding.

But sometimes, every now and then, you get to meet beautiful souls and create memories with them, YES

You get to connect with people that SEE you, see your soul, and they LOVE you anyway.

They have no expectations, they just take you right in, just as you are.

Funny thing how things work.

We met, we instantly became friends, we laughed, we bared our souls, we loved each other even more.

We could talk about anything, but we loved talking about spirituality, consciousness, Ayurveda – all those topics that ‘regular’ people would probably find boring.  But we are NOT boring people… we are all special in our own ways.

And then, our neighbors left.

Our Zen Buddhist Master & his beautiful partner are off to new adventures, and a new life, but they gave us so many beautiful gifts in their short time with us.

  • Never let age dictate what you can or cannot do….do what your soul craves and heart desires
  • You have a purpose, a dharma…fulfill it the best you know how
  • Accept people as they are, the good, the bad and the quirky – love wins in the end


I’m lucky that way, to meet beautiful women that I stay friends with forever.  I don’t have many, but it’s NOT the quantity that matters, its the quality – and if they are reading this blog now, they know who they are.

To all my soul mate friends – you KNOW…

We WILL see each other again, that I know for sure because such friendships are special and NEVER forgotten.

How lucky are we to be able to make such amazing friends.  Cherish them always!

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