What’s your face constitution…aka dosha?

What's your face constitution...aka dosha?

In Ayurveda, your dominant constitution or dosha, is your primary skin type. Your skin may show signs of one constitution, but a closer look will confirm that it’s inherent qualities are the dominant dosha qualities you were born with.

Understanding your basic skin type is important because even when you are unclear what the imbalances your skin is experiencing,  having a deeper knowledge of your basic skin type and using Ayurveda to improve your complexion based on your primary skin dosha, will bring out your natural radiance and clarity without knowing a specific imbalance.  In other words, a person born with Pitta skin type, may experience Kapha imbalance such as puffiness or weight gain in the face, but a closer look with prove that its inherent qualities are Pitta qualities >>>reddish watery pimples or rashes for example.

It’s all about location, location, location >>> this is how you detox imbalance!

The easiest way to determine the source of imbalance is to observe WHERE the problem appears on your face.  In Ayurveda, every part of the face is associated with a body organ and every organ is associated with a dosha.

The forehead is linked to the colon, which is the primary location of Vata.  Typically a Vata imbalance will show up as dryness on the forehead.  Sometimes you might notice a rash on the forehead, that can indicate a secondary Vata imbalance.  Extreme dryness anywhere indicates Vata imbalance.

The nose and cheeks are linked to the small intestine, the seat of Pitta.  Pitta imbalances usually appear as inflammation, such as a rash, on the nose and cheeks.  Redness, wherever it appears, is always a sign that Pitta (fire) is involved.

The mouth, chin, and neck are linked to the stomach and chest, the primary location of Kapha.  Oiliness around the mouth, the chin, and the neck are kapha imbalances.  Oozing always indicates excess Kapha.

If a skin condition is widespread and not localized in one key area of the face, is usually an indication that more than one dosha is out of balance.

This is why I created my Ayurvedic herbal cleansing powders to specifically address  than one dosha in order to bring the complexion back into balance and clarity.

If your complexion is fairly normal, and there are no apparent imbalances, or you have a nut allergy, I recommend you choose the ‘Normal’ skin type facial cleansing powder, which is excellent for all skin types.

Otherwise, choose according to your imbalance:

Vata ~ dry or mature skin, especially around the forehead area. 

Pitta ~ inflamed, or red patchy skin, eczema, psoriasis, especially around the nose and cheeks.

Kapha – oily, puffy, congested skin, especially around the mouth, chin, and neck areas. 

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