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Venus in Libra, Creating Heaven on Earth

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I LOVE Venus.

For anyone with a Pitta constitution, having strong water planets, Venus and Moon, in your birth chart, is so important to keep you balanced and strong.

Venus is called the guru, teacher and is associated with the goddess of wealth and prosperity called Lakshmi. Lakshmi represents abundance of prosperity in love and wealth, and in the same way, Venus represent both abundance and wealth – money, love, and health.

In Ayurveda, Venus shows the state of our Ojas resilience or immune system, and our ability to rejuvenate; therefore, a strong Venus is the power to increase our vibration and protect our health.

Of course, Venus is also associated with love, sensual pleasure, sex, marriage enjoyment, comfort, luxury, income, vehicles, charisma, artistic or creative pursuits, poetry, dancing, music, humor, water sports, beauty, clothing, scents, jewelry, silver, flower, buying and selling, diplomacy, and Southeast direction.

Venus just entered the sign of Libra in Sidereal Astrology on November 29, 2023. Libra is Venus’s own sign, where she feels awake, attentive, caring, comfortable, and self-sufficient.

Venus’s transit will play out differently for everyone depending on your rising sign and your Moon’s placement, but I’ll give you a quick summary below based on your rising sign. Keep in mind that Venus is fairly fast moving planet, staying in each sign approximately only one month. Venus tends to bring positive results in most house placements for most rising signs, but for the few signs that are not benefiting from this Venus transit, remember, the negative implications will not last long at all.

Venus in Libra, it’s own sign, will bring you a renewed interest in love, and beautiful things such as fragrances, clothing, homes, fine dining, and pleasure.

Venus in your second house will increase your wealth, food, gems, sexual pleasure, family and children.

Venus in your third house will improve your state of happiness, general prosperity, and your ability to overcome anyone coming up against you. Your enemies don’t stand a chance.

Venus in your fourth house will bring happiness to your heart, good friends, work and an increase in power.

Venus in your fifth house can bring children, teaching opportunities, support from relatives, family and friends, and long term gains.

Venus will be in your 6th house increasing your risk for illness and adversity. Venus will transit out of Libra December 24th, so this won’t last long.

Venus will be in your 7th house affecting your relationship with women, this can bring you some sorrow.

You will receive unexpected wealth and possible increase in homes and people attending your to your every need. Your spouse will also see an increase in wealth.

You are likely to do some long distance travel possibly for religious purposes, an increase in clothing and women friendships.

Venus in your tenth house can attract controversy or insults, bringing you a sense of unhappiness. Hang in there, it will be over quickly.

You are likely to experience long term gains, an increase in good friendships, gourmet food, and exquisite perfumes.

You will see an increase in wealth but a loss of personal property such as clothing. There could be some long distance travel as well, and if you travel, keep a good watch on your luggage.

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Wishing you a Fabulous & Magical 2024

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