Astrology Testimonials

I just had my first Vedic Astrology Consultation with Annette and it was nothing less than transformational. I booked the reading because I’ve been having a lot of difficulty in my personal life and I wanted to know what was going on astrologically, as someone aware of the power of Vedic Astrology I knew it would give me some insight.
However, so much of a consultation depends on who you are getting it from, and Annette’s intuition, clear communication and insights gave me so much relief and hope for the shifts that are coming. She also gave me insights and remedies I’ve never received before which is such a blessing because it’s easy to give someone information, but I’m always interested in what can I do to help myself as well and Annette was able to give me this guidance.
I’ve got quite a few Counseling / Psychology degrees so it takes a lot to impress me, but Annette did.  Give yourself the gift of a reading with Annette.  Thank you.”
-Tori, Los Angeles 
Working with Annette is such a gift! Whether or not you are familiar with Vedic Astrology, I guarantee you will walk away having learned so much about yourself and the essentials of this beautiful science. Annette is very knowledgeable, thorough, and clear when she shares her information. I have booked two separate sessions with her and each time her insights and guidance have resonated with me.  I also really appreciate her quick response time when I’ve asked questions for clarity, post-session. I look forward to continued guidance from Annette! If you’re considering a reading/session, I highly recommend it.”
-A. Machado, Holistic Wellness Guide