Dough Basti Treatments

A circle of raised dough is adhered to the body, and a pool of warm, verbalized oil is pooled in the center.  Specific oils are used based on the system being treated. The oils nourish the underlying tissues, and the warmth facilitates circulation and healing via the movement of prana to the area.

All Basti treatments include a nourishing abhyanga massage.

Kati Basti

A warm herbal oil specific to the complaint is gradually poured and held in reserve on the lower back. This process of pouring and holding the warm herbal oil on the lower back is repeated several times. At the end of the procedure a gentle massage starting from lower back and extending all the way to the foot is performed. In order to deepen the effects of the procedure hot fomentation is applied.

Duration: 50 min $110 (initial consultation required)

Kati Basti therapy is beneficial for:

  • Relieving pain and discomfort
  • Relaxation of muscles
  • Increasing circulation
  • Rejuvenation of degenerated tissue
  • More of space between the bones of the spine
  • Regaining of the strength

Greeva Basti

In our modern times, we find ourselves glued in long periods of sitting, starring at computers with very little body movement.  This results in vertebral spinal problems and issues with the muscles and skeletal tissues of neck and shoulders.  Greeva Basti addresses these issues effectively.

The word Greeva refers to neck and Basti stands for retaining something inside mainly medicated oil. It is an Ayurvedic neck care of warm, medicated oil therapy, providing tremendous healing and increased circulation.

Duration: 50 min $110  (initial consultation required)

Greeva Basti therapy is beneficial for:

  • Relieving pain and discomfort
  • Relaxation of muscles
  • Increase in circulation
  • Rejuvenation of degenerated tissues
  • More of space between the bones of the spine
  • Regaining of the strength

Janu Basti

Nearly 80% of the population between 55-65 years is troubled by diseases of the knee. Knee joint is one of major weight bearing joints where wear and tear is very common. The most common ailment is dryness of the knee joint. The management of any disease of the Knee is unique in Ayurveda. One of the most effective procedures used in reliving the pain and rejuvenating the joint is JANU BASTI, a procedure which involves warm herbal oil stagnated over the affected Knee for 30 minutes followed by a skillful massage and fomentation.

Duration: 50 min $110  (initial consultation required)

Janu Basti therapy is beneficial for:

  • Pain relief and discomfort
  • Relaxing and toning muscles
  • Increasing circulation in the area
  • Increasing lubrication of the joint
  • Improving mobility and flexibility
  • Rejuvenation of the knee joint

Netra Basti

Uses warm ghee. Strengthens and cleanses theses. Especially benefits dry, strained, and irritated eyes. It has a secondary effect of benefiting the liver and the nervous system.

(Initial consultation required)


URO Basti

Uses milk, ghee and rose to nourish the physical and spiritual heart.

(Initial consultation required)


Chakra Basti

Nourishes the functions of the chakras, which govern emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical aspect of health.

(Initial consultation required)


Adrenal Basti

Nourishes the kidneys and adrenals for increased energy, improved stress response, and greater vitality.

(Initial consultation required)


Usage of aromatic herbal powders for massaging. Primary purpose of the herbal powder mix is to reduce the cellulite and increase flow of lymph and blood. During this procedure herbal powder mix is gently sprinkled and rhythmic strokes are performed to stimulate the fat metabolism and to breakdown fat. It also effectively exfoliates the skin and firms the tissues underneath. In Ayurvedic system it is one of the best external therapies for curbing away excess of body weight.

Udvarthana treatment is sometimes preceded by an abhyanga massage and followed with an herbal steam for deeper and long standing effects.

(Initial consultation required)

Pinda Svedana

Boluses (pouches), made of cotton, are filled with rice and/or herbs and soaked in warm, nourishing herbal oil or milk. These boluses are then applied to the body, providing deeply therapeutic, site-specific localized heat and massage. This powerful therapy is used to massage and treat neuromuscular disorders and disorders of the skeletal system, including arthritis, aches and pains, and more.

(Initial consultation required)