Travel essentials when you’re ready to hit the road (or skies)

Travel essentials when you're ready to hit the road (or skies)

During the last 5 years  I have done an insane amount of traveling.  No complaints, as a matter of fact, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’ve traveled all over the world including Japan, India, Africa, South America and Europe.  I’ve visited modern countries and countries where water & electricity were a total luxury.

There are certain essentials that are a MUST, not only because they make my life easier, and ignite memories of home, but because they are super practical and maintain my skin, hair, and senses in top notch shape.   Some of these items are just smart to have on hand >>> for example,  the EO hand sanitizing wipes are a great alternative when there’s no running water.   My very own Elements Ayurvedic facial powder wash (made from 100% organic herbs) travels easily and is excellent for your skin.   It mineralizes the skin, exfoliates, nourishes, fights free radicals, and keeps my skin clear of blemishes (I usually break out when I’m tired, eat food I’m not used to, or when I experience drastic changes in climate); and like I said – it’s extremely convenient to travel with because it’s a powder ~ no liquids to worry about!

If you’re wondering what you should be including in your luggage the next time you hit the road, let me help you.  Below is my list of my absolute essentials (most of these items are not only amazing products, but they’re also free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals).

  1. ELEMENTS – Ayurvedic facial powder cleanser (created by me)
  2. Seabuckthorne face and body oil from Living Libations – pure luxury for the face and body (it’s my go to everyday moisturizer).
  3. L’Occitane hand cream – love this stuff when I’m traveling.
  4. Throat lozenges – sometimes traveling can weaken your immune system.  I always feel it in my throat first, having organic lozenges on hand, like the ones from Apivita – a Greek product – can be a life savior.
  5. Pumice stone for your feet.  It helps keep your heels smooth while you’re traveling and unable to get a pedicure, and it’s easy to pack.
  6. dottera essential oils – an absolute must to help balance your emotions, calm anxieties, and promote better rest
  7. Your favorite travel shampoos.  Mine are Oribe, Apivita, and Color Proof.
  8. Lip conditioner – my favorite is called Avocado Lip Cream, made in California with avocado oil.
  9. Travel loofah – it’s not easy to travel with a skin brush, instead, pack a loofah with you.  It doubles as a washcloth and a skin brush.  You get the benefits of exfoliating and cleansing your skin as well as massaging your lymphatic system.
  10. The Olive Branch by Lush organic shower gel – so you never have to worry about not having great smelling soap in the shower, and they come in travel sizes.
  11. Sisley eye contour mask to keep those puffy eyes at bay (traveling, lack of sleep, and dehydration can increase the swelling under your eyes).
  12. Baggalini cross body bag – created by a couple of Delta Airlines flight attendants.  These purses and bags are made specifically for keeping your stuff organized and safe while traveling.
  13. Nail clippers & nail file – manicures are sometimes impossible when you’re on the road.
  14. Emi Jay hair ties (you can never have too many of these).
  15. Manduka travel yoga mat ~ can’t live without it!

Everyone of these items can fit comfortably in your carry on and will make your life so much more enjoyable and easy while traveling!  Let me know what your favorites are.

Make memories!



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