Time to put your Oxygen Mask on!

So many times life can get stressful and out of control ; even simple things like planning a vacation, preparing for Passover or Easter, or even getting taxes done could cause us stress!  Unfortunately, our world has become super stressful as we try to keep up with a faster pace of life, changing technology, family obligations, and just being ‘wired’ or ‘always available’ (due to internet or cell phones).
When stress becomes chronic and we lose touch on how to deal with it effectively, it can be ‘the’ single most damaging thing to our health.You see chronic stress can lead to insulin resistance which can lead to type II diabetes, it can lead to heart disease, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, and so on.  And let me be honest with you, I too was becoming insulin resistant and it wasn’t from food – it was all stress related!
I know all too well the effects of stress, I experience it with my patients in the hospital, my own health coaching clients, and most of all in myself – when I don’t take the time to put my oxygen mask on first.
So what’s the solution – you can’t quit working, you can’t throw your cell phone out the window or stop doing your taxes every year, right?!  But here is what you can do:
Every season, take one week where you set the intention to nurture yourself, to put your oxygen mask on first!  This thing we do where we “Detox”, is NOT just about food.  We detox from habits that are harming us,  we detox from relationships that are toxic, and we detox from thoughts that are harming our spirit.   We find smarter ways to re-charge at work (like taking a 1 minute meditation break to find the breath); we make time for that bath we’ve been putting of, we turn off electronic devices during dinner, we go to bed earlier & wake up earlier,  we start moving our bodies through exercise, we practice forgiveness, we find our breath and we rest.
For one week, we withdraw from the world (just a little) and take the time to really nurture, not just our bodies through food, but our spirit through the thoughts we allow to enter our mind and the energy we surround ourselves with.  It is a time to release stress and take a good look at what is not serving us anymore.
Spring is all about the LIVER.  The liver is the powerhouse of our bodies, without it we just couldn’t stay alive; it’s also where we store a lot of anger and toxicity.   Spring is the season where we really concentrate on detoxifying and nurturing our liver.  When the liver is healthy, our mind and body is healthy as well, and our ability to handle stress increases.
“Put your oxygen mask on” and join me April 25th for a one week Spring Renewal Detox and nurture you body, mind, and spirit back to health and vitality.   ALL of you will thank YOU (not just your liver)!
 Please visit my website or email me at Annette@cynyoga.com for details.
In Health,

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