Those who don’t jump will never fly!

Those who don't jump will never fly!

Hi Sweet Friend!

I just got back from hosting an amazing retreat at Mago Retreat Center in Sedona, AZ with my friend and colleague, Kathy Judd. It was 4 days of amazing healing, letting go, and receiving. I honestly never expected to get out of this retreat as much as I did and the ripple effect it would have on my life.
So here’s what I learned –

  • Not to take my femininity for granted
  • Cherish friendships no matter what
  • Never make a final judgment without knowing the full person – you might be amazed at what you find out
  • I love women and cherish sisterhood
  • Getting a reading with a group of girlfriends is super fun
  • Never buy earrings without good counsel
  • Always end a retreat with a good spa day
  • Gourmet chocolate is a treat not to forgo
  • Love or Above!

As an only child and surrounded by men, I forget how absolutely beautiful & empowering it is to be around women. The best part is that no one could interrupt us – we had each others undivided attention – there were no kids, husbands, animals, cell phones, computers, etc to interrupt our deep conversations, our joy of just being! This was the best gift ever!

I returned to DC so excited, so energized, and so full of my femininity, that I made it my intention to give the best way I knew how. This summer I am practically giving away my summer detox. I want everyone to have an opportunity to de-bloat, re-energize, and de-bunk the myths of detox.

I am making it super easy – 5 days! Yes, that’s it – 5 days. In 5 days you will begin to feel and see the effects of a clean diet free of processed and inflammatory foods that cause us so much internal pain. The price is even sweeter – only $30 (that’s just $6 a day). I will be coaching you and cheering you on everyday during the detox, and you will get to be part of a secret FB forum where you can get additional support as well! I know, I’m practically giving this detox away!

I am also giving 17% of the proceeds from each detox sold to a charity run by a colleague of mine in Haiti. You can read more about it here:

The detox begins on June 23 and ends on June 27th. Sign up must be by June 20th. Recording goes out on June 19th.

You can visit my website at: to sign up.

I hope you will join me in June for some awesome smoothies and cool dinner recipes! Over 70 chef created recipes to make it super easy and super tasty. Giving is so much sweeter than receiving and I’m delighted to do this for you!

In Health,

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Giving is so much more rewarding!