The “Auspicious”

The "Auspicious"

The full moon culminates in Cancer in Puśya Nakśatra at approximately 6:44pm EST on Monday, January 17th.

This is such a beautiful, spiritual, and auspicious full moon!

The energy is very auspicious because this full moon is all about supporting you and giving you what you require to prosper and feel nourished mentally and emotionally. Puśya literally means ‘nourishing’ also ‘flower’.

There is deep profound healing.

Lean into this constellation’s energy by diving deeper into your spiritual (sadhana) practice and you will gain much spiritual growth since Puśya drives this knowledge and Shakti.

Allow yourself to feel and be supported, nourished, and cared for. Allow this spiritual energy to flow in you and through you.

Use the free software deva.gruru and look at where this constellation is in your chart – what other planets are located in the house it is placed in?

Those planets and area of life that are associated with Puśya Nakśatra will also thrive during this full moon. 🌸

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