“I was never a big believer in diet plans to help change old bad habits.

My excess weight was baggage I had carried from childhood into mid-life. In early October, I was shocked to get back horrible blood work results. I talked to Annette Shellenbarger about my fear that all of my bad eating habits had finally taken a toll. She suggested that I give the “green juice cleanse” a chance and also recommended that I begin to change my diet. It was tough to do, but with her guidance and support I took on the challenge. I have lost a total of 37 pounds since I started and I can proudly say I’m staying on track to lose more. Dieting is stressful but when you realize that it is not just a diet but a new life style, somehow it becomes much more manageable to make the necessary changes. When your purpose is no longer just to look good but to be healthier for life, the outcome is a feeling of wellbeing and wholeness. I have changed habits that I thought were impossible to break. Now white bread and candies are no longer a priority in my life. Meanwhile I’m starting to incorporate exercise into my daily routine, which to me is exciting and gratifying.”

– Flor Williams, Educational Administrative Coordinator

“It is an amazing experience to participate in one of Annette’s programs. 

She cradles you in her arms the entire time, making you feel fully supported and safe while you journey through this nutritional and emotional odyssey.  The initial detox packet is beautifully designed and completely comprehensive.  It generates excitement and confidence while providing all of the information you need for a successful detox.  Everything Annette produces is colorful and inviting.  I felt like a kid on Christmas morning when I received the packet!  Her recipes are simple and delicious and the shopping list and toolkit make the preparation easy and effortless.  She’s always encouraging in her daily emails and she lets you know that she’s there for any questions you may have.  The Facebook forum is radiantly displayed and provides a platform for all the participants to exchange ideas and suggestions.  There are also group call-ins that foster a friendly and congenial atmosphere and reinforce your sense of community and fellowship in your nutritional journey.  Annette’s constant vigilance in the study of nutrition and clean foods is apparent as she shares with her students the latest evidence-based knowledge and incorporates with it ancient Ayurvedic philosophies that speak to your emotional and psychological state of mind and soul, tools that will guide you in your detox program and far beyond.  She is friendly and funny and an absolute delightful woman with whom I treasure this common interest in wellness, clean eating and the quest for balance and serenity of body and mind.  Thank you Annette!  Sign me up for the next one!”

– Lois Shoemaker


“I’m down 10 pounds!! 

I love juicing and bone broth and you of course.  I feel great, thank you!

Kelly Mullen