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We need to start with it all begins…in the digestive system.  So, lesson #1 is all about prebiotics because health begins with what your body can DIGEST.

What’s the Deal with Prebiotics?
Gut health is such an important topic because not only does a healthy gut = a healthy immune system, but it also = a healthy mind and fabulous looking body! But first, we need to talk about the food that healthy bacteria (the ones we want in our colon), need in order for them to multiply and increase >>>> the goal is to have 80% good bacteria to the 20% bad bacteria.

So, the deal with pre-biotics….

Prebiotics are basically food for probiotics. They make sure that the healthy bacteria in your gut are well-fed and taken care of. Many health coaches and nutritionists recommend supplementing with prebiotics for optimal gut flora. Before you do that it’s helpful to know what it really is and how you can get plentiful amounts of prebiotics through diet alone.

What are Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are indigestible plant matter that our gut bacteria feed off, so basically soluble fiber like you would find in many vegetables. They stimulate the growth and maintenance of our inner microbial world.

The most popular source of prebiotics in supplements are raw chicory root and jerusalem artichoke but food sources for prebiotics go far beyond these foods alone.

Insoluble vs. Soluble Fiber

Insoluble fiber does not absorb or dissolve in water. It passes through our digestive system in close to its original form. Insoluble fiber offers many benefits to intestinal health, including a reduction in the risk and occurrence of hemorrhoids and prevents constipation. It also helps keep you feeling full, and may speed up metabolism, making it a key player in weight control.

Most Insoluble fiber are not necessarily a food source for our gut bacteria, and impossible to digest by human and bacteria alike, instead, they act more like a scrub brush in our intestines.

Good sources of insoluble fiber are the tough hard-to-chew part of grains and produce. These include the outer skin of fruits such as apples, and salads such as cabbage, lettuce, onions, and bell peppers..

Soluble fiber forms into a gel like substance and swells when mixed with water. It helps pull water into the colon and ads bulk to your diet. Soluble fiber is food for your healthy bacteria, helps to balance blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol, protects you from constipation and diarrhea, and keeps you feeling full so it plays a key role in controlling your weight.

Good sources of soluble fiber include oats and oatmeal, legumes (peas, beans, lentils), barley, fruits and vegetables (especially oranges, blueberries, apples and carrots).

Best Food Sources of Prebiotics
Dandelion greens
Raw asparagus
Raw garlic
Chicory root
Jerusalem artichoke
Raw jicama

As long as you’re consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis you really shouldn’t worry about supplementing with prebiotics long term. However, when you’re actively working to heal your gut and promote those beneficial bacteria, prebiotic supplements can be useful.

How Much Soluble Fiber Do You Need Per Day?

Most experts estimate about 5 grams of prebiotics per day is what most people need. You can obtain this much soluble fiber by eating a few of the foods listed above daily.

Other Benefits of Prebiotics

Prebiotics do more than just support the growth of probiotics. They’re also amazing for a variety of other conditions.

Boost the immune system
Help with weight loss
Blood sugar maintenance
Good for bone health
Support a healthy brain and balanced mood
Boost metabolism
Prevent heart disease
Prevent colon cancer

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