Energy healing – is epigenetics!

Energy healing - is epigenetics!

The last 3 weeks have been incredibly fulfilling and consciously expanding for sure.

I spent them in Nevada City, CA, at the College of Ayurveda, studying Marma Therapy (yes, I am now a Marmani ), as well as a few days at the end of the training period learning how to give an Ayurvedic Facial, which includes facial marma therapy as well.

Marmas are primarily energetic centers where the life-force accumulates and flows.  When we ‘treat’ mamas, we treating Prana (the electricity and life force  running through our bodies), rather than simply working on the physical tissues and organs.  Marma are energetic points and their exact location depends upon the Prana of both the therapist and client, not simply a fixed physical location.  The Prana of a good therapist can easily find the weak or blocked Prana points on the client even without an extensive physical examination.

According to Vagbhatta and the Charka,  marmas are sites where important nerves come together along with related structures like muscles and tendons.   Any sensitive point on the body is a potential marma.

According to Sushruta, Marmas help maintain our immune system and can be treated in order to boost its powers.  Connected to Ojas their treatment can be also used for rejuvenation.  Connected to the mind, their treatment can relieve stress and promote meditation – the ultimate relaxation!

Marmas are important sites that can stimulate unconscious bodily processes, mental/sensory responses or emotional reactions.  Treating them can release negative emotions and remove mental blockages, including those of a subconscious mature (like addictions).  There is obviously a physical as well as a psychological side to their treatment.

Because marmas distribute Prana from each the six main chakras (energy centers) located along the spine, they directly affect and can heal the nadis, elements, and sense and motor organs of the chakra that the marma is associated with.  For example, when you treat the 3 marma points on the neck, you are energizing, unblocking, and healing the fifth chakra, as well as the elements of ether and the sense organs associated with this chakra – ears and speech.  

When you look at the meaning of health, unlocking ‘the DNA code’, turning a particular genes on or off — you must look at energy, specifically, energy sites in the body.

So now that I’ve introduced this type of energy healing, how can you apply it to your life?

You can start by scheduling a 1:1 with me to receive Marma/Pranic healing on your body and specific area of concern….but, if you are not able to make it in person – there are mantras and crystals that can be recommended and used for areas of concern.

Need help with a mantra or choosing the right crystal?  Contact me at: to schedule an appointment and start your energy healing journey.








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