Sometimes, there is no black and white

Sometimes, there is no black and white

It’s been a summer of allowing and receiving.  Receiving in many different forms, from many different sources, and from a place of allowing them to flow into my life.

How else would I be able to change, and to continue to grow, to continue to live from a place of pure contentment, joy, and freedom if I didn’t allow EVERYTHING into my life that is supposed to come into my life.  Just ALLOW.

I’ve received more income from my entreuprenerial business, I’ve received the download for some beautiful offerings, I’ve received new friendships, new business partnerships, and new affirmations from my mentor that I am leading by example in areas I wasn’t even trying to.  

I have also received some devastating news – my mother has Parkinson’s, and as a Registered Nurse, I know that our work ahead will be challenging, but I know that this too is something that God, the Universe, is saying I must learn from.  My mother has her own lessons to learn as well.  

I am reframing the news though, and I am affirming that the my mother’s diagnosis will flow with ease, without hardship.   We will receive all the help and support we need at every point of our journey to make our life flow with ease, from a place of total alignment – I choose not use the words ‘hard’ or ‘difficult’ in this disease, but instead, choose to think of it as easy and that the disease will not destroy her life, or mine for that matter.  

Choosing to reframe how I see the world, how and what I receive, does not mean I will not do the work required to get the outcomes I am expecting and that I desire. 

It just means that I will expect certain results WHEN I do the work.  That the results are a GIVEN.  

In other words, it’s DONE.


One of the most beautiful aspects of allowing and receiving, and not holding on to the outcome, the results….NOT expecting anything (such a yogic concept, by the way), is that you soften up.  

Literally, from the inside out.  

Your body softens, your mind softens, your emotions soften.

You let life flow in you, through you, around you.  The most beautiful people start coming into your life.  

Mentors, new friends, business partners, soul based clients, renewed family connections, it’s endless really.


Your mind opens, widens, and you see the beauty in everything.  

Most importantly for me….

I see the beauty in me

The value in me,

The god  in me

The devine in me

The healer  in me

The potential in me

The soul in me

The energy in me that can never be destroyed.


The journey continues, I have not arrived, and I am not done receiving, I am not done creating, giving…..I am allowing it to be as it should be.  






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