Sacred Space in Sarasota!

Sacred Space in Sarasota!

A lot has developed and changed in the last few months in my life.  I moved from beautiful, sunny California, to the warm coastal shores of Florida.  I completed my Ayurvedic studies, completed my year long Panchakarma training, and received my massage license from the state of California.  

I also (sadly) closed my home based Ayurvedic practice, but (happily) for the first time, EVER, will be opening a brick and mortar Ayurvedic Wellness Center and Panchakarma Clinic >>>CHANDRA AYURVEDA will re-bloom in Florida! 

My husband and I have been putting so much sweat equity into this space!   We’ve been moving and adding walls, sanding, painting, and cleaning this small space since December, and finally, yesterday, we added the last coat of paint.  Now comes the super fun part of decorating, adding furniture, and moving all my Ayurvedic equipment and supplies from storage into my new center. 


I am well aware from my Ayurvedic background, that before I officially open (end of February, beginning of March),  there is an auspicious day to announce the opening – what we call a good ‘Muhurta’ (time) in Vedic astrology.  So I have contacted my Jyotish astrologer, who will be giving me one or two days that are best to have the grand opening according to my birth chart.  I’ll announce that day on social media, my website, and send an email as soon as I find out, of course!   

As I’ve always said, it’s all energy, and utilizing the RIGHT energy is important in everything we do, this is why I want to utilize the best day energetically for the grand opening in order for my business to flourish and be a healing center to my community.  

This is why Vastu (which literally means ‘energy’ in Sanskrit) is so important in arranging how the space in my new center will be utilized…..where the furniture will go, where the treatment room will be located, and so on.  

Vastu is usually explained by comparing it  to Feng Shui, but Vastu began thousands of years prior to Feng Shui, and Feng Shui actually has its origins in Vastu.  

I’m not an expert in Vastu, but I’ve become quite familiar and well versed in it because I understand the importance of a healthy living environment.  Just like Ayurveda is the science of life and provides us knowledge on health, so to Vastu is the science of design and architecture, and gives us knowledge on the health of our living spaces and environment.  

‘Vastu is a science and an art.   Vastu’s purpose is to align our architectural spaces with the beneficial effects of the laws of nature and influence of earth and cosmic energies.  Vastu views a building as a living entity that protects and nourishes our lives rather than merely a ‘machine for living’”.  

I want to make sure that I am utilizing my environment and building as best as possible for the flow of energy to work with me not against me, this is why Vastu is so important.  And as I’m sure you’ve gathered, it’s not only important for business, but for your home as well. Good Vastu in your home affects finances, relationships, health, friendships, and so on.  

Just as Ayurveda is so needed today due to a world that is full of chemicals, noice, electromagnetic pollution, and lack of natural rhythm, so is Vastu needed to improve our environment and living spaces and bring happiness, ease, and prosperity to our human life.  

A sacred architecture provides much needed sanctuary, protection and nourishment for our souls.  

Vastu is another tradition of the Vedic Sciences, just like Ayurveda is, to help ease suffering, and improve lives.  

So I hope I have inspired you to consider all aspects of your life…knowing, now, that lack of flow of good energy can be rectified with proper Vastu principles.  

If you would like to know more about Vastu, I highly recommend the book ‘Vastu Transcendental Home Design in Harmony With Nature’ by Sherri Silverman.  

And if you’re in the Tampa/Sarasota area, please stop by at my new Ayurvedic Wellness Center & Panchakarma Clinic located on 1188 N Tamiami Trails #102, Sarasota, FL 34236.  

Looking forward to serving you in person.  


References: ‘Vastu Transcendental Home Design in Harmony With Nature’ by Sherri Silverman.  

  1. I love this so much! Your address is perfect! 1188 and 102=3! I love and miss you! VATSU!

    • Thank you Leslie! As you know you have played such a big part in what I do. I love you and miss you tremendously! Please come visit and stay with me in Florida! xoxo

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