Raw Love

Raw Love

Fall is a time of contraction, pulling inward, and downward.  It is a time of reflection and organization as we prepare for the stillness of the coming winter months.  In Ayurveda and in Chinese Medicine, it the season of the lungs and large intestine (colon).  Keeping our lungs healthy and our colon functioning properly is key to a healthy immunity and a body free of dis-ease during the winter months….and one of the best ways to rev up our immunity is through a detox with a focus on foods that nourish the lungs and colon.

The abundance of the late summer harvest coupled with the early fall harvest, makes the fall season  one of the best times of year to participate in a detox program and prepare our bodies for the winter season.

A good detox is about honoring the season you are in and eating foods that are IN season.  It’s about getting rid of what does not serve you in the food you eat and your daily rituals.  Detox is about learning exactly what feeds your body and fuels it it for more energy, vitality, longevity, and balance.  It’s an opportunity to rid the body of toxic burdens that can cause hormone imbalances, mental fog, headaches, and extra weight (especially around the middle section).

My gift to every reader is a free Raw Love Three Day Detox  ebook to jump start your body to a healthier you this fall.  Just fill out your information in the ‘Contact Me’ section of my website and write “Give it to me Raw” in the comments section.

Happy Fall everyone!  If you want more information on my seasonal detoxes, just email me.

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