February 19, 2023 in Blog

Predictions for Venus this month

Venus just entered Pisces on February 15th and will be in the sign of Pisces until March 11th.

I don’t usually talk about shorter transiting planets because their effects are very short lived, they move on fairly fast.

But Venus is special, we just celebrated Valentine’s Day, and Venus entered its sign of exaltation!

Using rising signs only, here is what you can expect with Venus transiting in Pisces for the next month.

Aries rising – Your wealth and wardrobe will increase, but you will also be purging a lot of clothing as well.

Taurus rising – You make good friends, receive money, food, and beautiful perfumes

Gemini rising – This transit is not favorable for you.  You might experience controversy and feel insulted.

Cancer rising – You have the potential to experience wealth, clothing, and women friendships.  There will also be opportunities for religious ceremonies or pilgrimages.

Leo rising – You will potential gain houses, employees or assistants, and your spouse’s income will increase.

Virgo rising – This is a difficult month where you could experience illness, adversity, and even humiliation.

Libra rising – Watch your reputation and your health during this Venus transit

Scorpio rising – This is a very favorable transit for you.  Your teachers and gurus will support you; your relatives, family & friends will also support you.  There is more money coming in and your enemies will be destroyed.

Sagittarius rising – You’ll gain power and good friends during this Venus transit.

Capricorn rising – You will rise in authority, wealth, respect and position.  You will gain beautiful things and no one will speak bad of you.

Aquarius rising – You will get favorable outcomes from any dealings with the government.  Your family will be of support and assistance, and you will be surrounded by beautiful flowers, gems, and ornaments and experience much pleasure.

Pisces rising -You will feel pleasure & love.  You will be receiving and/or purchasing new furniture, beds, and possibly a new house.  You will have divine fragrances, food, and be intoxicated with your love.

 How Venus and other planetary transits affect you depend on your birth chart.  Book a Vedic Astrology Consultation to dive deeper into your own chart.   

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