Passion brought me here

Passion brought me here

Sometimes I feel like a nomad in the desert, traveling here and there but never quite arriving.

It’s the life of the seeker, the artist, the creator and the perpetual student who never tires of learning.

I am that person.

I never wanted to admit it. But today, as I once again said good bye to my husband at the airport, I realized that I cannot fight it anymore.

You see, I turned to him as he drove up to the drop off area…..and I said, “honey, thank you for letting me go, again, another crazy adventure.”

Always traveling on a new or full moon!

He replied, ‘Annette, this is who you are, if I don’t let you go, you would leave me to be with someone who would let you go.”  And then gave me a big kiss on the lips.

He’s probably right.

I remember back when I was about 10 years old, how I loved being in nature, specifically among trees.  I would do cart wheels, and I had this sense of euphoria and bliss.  I remember thinking, this is how I always want to be.

Fast forward to adulthood, motherhood, and now empty nester, and the longing is still there.  It never left.

I am more ‘ME’ when I am communing in nature.  When I am with and a part of nature.

That is why Ayurveda felt like a ‘coming home’.  Ahhh…. I have arrived!

The journey has not been easy.  I have done everything under the sun.  I was a tax accountant at one point, a bilingual 5th grade teacher, an Intelligence Naval Officer in the U.S. Navy, and then….

I started to get closer. I changed careers for the 10th time….

I got my BSN in Nursing.  Getting close to others in their time of need is pretty special and not an easy task.  But I was not quite there.

My passion for learning, traveling, energy, mystical things, and vibration kept me on searching for my real place and dharma in life.

I think I found it, finally.  Even though I kept avoiding it for over 7 years.  Ayurveda, which literally means ‘the wisdom of life’.  This is my new home.  For now!

I have a gypsy heart.  I’m always seeking, always passionate, never satisfied.  I don’t know how long I’ll stay here, but I’ll enjoy every moment of it.  Savor it.  And share it with others.

Are you a seeker?  A creator?  An artist? A lover of something you cannot even describe?

You are not alone.  There’s more of us, all over the world.  Occasionally we run into each other and we instantly connect and bond.

It happened today with me….Christine.  She’s from France, and has decided to settle in Nevada City, CA where I am currently taking some Ayurvedic therapy classes.  We instantly connected.  I actually went and sat next to her at the bar where she was sitting alone (we like to sit alone and contemplate and just ‘be’, nothing unusual in this).   I was drawn to her, and just knew she was like me…a gypsy, a seeker, a creator.

Funny, she called herself a gypsy.  I said I know.  We talked over dinner like we were old friends.  She said she’s ‘settling’ down here in Nevada City, buying land, building a house.  But in 5 years, she’s moving again.  Because…. she’s a gypsy, and that’s what we do….gypsies keep moving, never really settling down permanently.

Until we can’t anymore.  Until our bones are too old, and our body is weak.  But until that happens….we will keep on seeking, traveling, learning, and going wherever passion leads us.

Is this you?  This is me.

Today, I’m an Ayurvedic healer, living in California.  I can’t promise you I’ll be here long….

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