As the new season enters and we see and feel fall all around us, we’re reminded by nature to begin withdrawing and looking inside, cleaning and shedding all the ‘stuff’ that do not serve us and expelling them out.  Within this same frame of mind, let’s take a look ‘inside’ our oceans…..

Yesterday I attended a social event whose mission was to inform the attendees on the condition of our oceans and the effects of overfishing around the world.  A study conducted in 2001 showed that industrial fishing has resulted in huge losses on biomass (a measure of the amounts of fish and other living organisms in our oceans).  Biomass had plummeted 90%!

This is definitely a crisis and each one of us is affected .  Once again, subsidies play a large part in the ability of trawlers to cast their nets farther out and deeper down.  Only the most powerful fleets can compete, so the gap with poor countries is widening.  In Africa the Chinese are investing colossal sums and are now outstripping the Europeans.  It is apparent that with the exception of Australia & the USA, fishing has not been substantially curbed in practically any country. (Daniel Pauly, Director of the University of British Columbia Fisheries Centre in Vancouver)

In order to reverse this trend, we all must take a real hard look at the way we ‘see’ our planet and our oceans, and what we consume.  The oceans are our source of life, let’s begin to treat it and it’s organisms as such.

Above I have included a poster I created based on the information I received at the event I attended (source:  WWF).  Please print it out and use it next time you’re thinking of consuming some fish.

In Health & Peace

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