December 31, 2021 in Blog

New Year, New Moon

New Moon culminates in Purva Ashadha nakśatra (star constellation) on January 2, 2021.

Our first new Moon of 2022 enters in Mula nakśatra (the root) on January 1st, and comes in direct line with the Sun on January 2nd in Purva Ashada nakśatra.

Purva Aśadha nakśatra represents creative, discriminative, flowing energy; it energizes through its shakti and brings a deep yearning for the Jala tattva (water element).

But it’s situated between two malefic planets, Saturn and Mars – which is not comfortable at all.

So the energy that arises from this nakśatra can go either way – it can give you the ability to energize a particular area of your life, or it can heighten a belief that doesn’t serve you any more.

The Moon’s placement can also increase both Pitta and Vata and you’ll feel that increased energy not only emotionally and mentally, but in the area of life the Moon is placed at in your chart.

Channel this energy productively through meditation, creative art work, gardening, de-cluttering your home, journaling, or connecting with the water element in some way.

But above all else, be patient with yourself and others during this New Moon’s transit.

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