‘Natural’ is not necessarily safe!

'Natural' is not necessarily safe!

Ok, here’s a rant coming at you!  

I’m so tired of seeing and hearing comments on how can we ‘naturally’ cure something?  

Like, how can I get off my thyroid meds and cure my thyroid disease, or how about this one…..I need to get rid of my pathogens and increase bile flow to lose weight?!


Really?  Do you think anything in this world of ours is natural?  If you want natural, go out in the pasture and start chewing on grass and eating dirt.  That’s as natural as you’re going to get.

Even essential oils, so called organic vitamins, and of course herbs are VERY powerful, and totally misused by everyone, including YOU.

You dab on essential oils, guzzle down herbs, and pop vitamins, and try to kill candida like there’s no tomorrow, only you’re screwing up your body even worse, just in a different way.

Why you ask?

Because EVERYTHING  has an energy to it, it’s either going to affect you positively or negatively, but trust me! It WILL affect you.

You’re just playing chemistry with your body and you don’t even realize it.  

And the reason is because everyone has an answer and everyone is an expert, and yet it’s YOUR body!  

What if you listened to your body, what if you paid attention to what you do upon waking up, how often you move it, what REAL food (not potions) you put in your body, how often you feed it, and how often you actually give your digestive system an opportunity to rest, to actually contract.

Now there’s a concept.

Let your digestive system contract.

And then,

Spend some of that money you’re wasting on pills, potions, essential oils (OMG they are expensive), and herbs and actually visit a practioner who knows what the hell they’re doing!

A practioner who has actually studied and got a real degree or certification from an ACCREDITED establishment, not some fly by night ‘program’.

Stop looking for answers from others, who although mean well, will send you on a journey to no where!

Even in medicine, we call it a ‘practice’, because you’re never an expert.  Only YOU are an expert in YOU.

So stop looking outside and start focusing on what are you doing right now that is screweing up your health.


If I had to guess, it’s two things….STRESS, and too much FOOD!


Fix those two and you’ll be amazed how weight comes off, how much better your hormones will feel, how much deeper sleep you’ll get, and how much energy you’ll have.  

Then use your essential oils just because you love the smell and it makes you ‘feel’ good, not because you’re expecting them to cure you!





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