Mago Retreat Center – Sedona Arizona

Mago Retreat Center - Sedona Arizona


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MAGO (mother earth) Retreat Center 

The universe aligned things in such a way so as to give me a glimpse of heaven! 

I just got back from a 3-day trip to the Mago Retreat Center in Sedona, Arizona, where Kathy Judd ( and I will be hosting a women’s only retreat  

I had no expectations really, except to say that I’m partial to beaches, so that I would fall in love with red mountains was quite unexpected. 

I arrived in Phoenix and rented a tiny red car and began driving North towards Sedona, where the retreat was located.  Oh my! What scenery!  The drive to Sedona was gorgeous!  The air was crisp and I felt the energy of the land all around me – and even though I had been traveling for approximately 9 hours, I felt alive and energized when I arrived that evening.  

The next day I woke up bright and early, feeling completely rested and ready to start exploring.  The air felt so clean and the day was so clear, you could see the vastness of the clear blue sky – I had never seen such a sky, so untouched by our modern world, so perfect – it was breathtaking!  


After my morning yoga practice and a satisfying vegetarian breakfast at the retreat’s dining facility, I met up with the manager of the retreat, Jay, who took me on a tour of the retreat.  Mago Retreat Center sits on 150 acres of land, 15 miles from the city of Sedona.  It’s surrounded by red rock mountains, and the land, for the most part, is in it’s natural state – nature at it’s best.  You can feel the earth’s energy and magic and immediately I fell in love with this beautiful land. 


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At Mago the silence was deafening.  You could hear the wind whisper to you and if you stopped to pay attention, you could hear your soul speak.  I cannot remember the last time I felt so clear headed, alive and happy – not just joy (because you can have joy but not be happy), I truly felt happy.  You see Sedona is known to be one of the few places on this Earth to have high energy. 

Sedona is surrounded by vortexes (also spelled vortices) which are places where “the Earth is at its healthiest and most alive.  The remarkable natural beauty of the area is the physical indicator of the aliveness.  More importantly, the aliveness shows up in an increased energy that is present.  The energy acts as an amplifier, magnifying what we bring to it on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels” Dennis Andres.


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Mago has several sights where one can experience a vortex and everyone’s experience is unique, no one can describe it, you have to experience it for yourself.  I found a vortex site that is called Senya Valley which means “the womb” (creation).  This vortex is considered one of the more powerful ones at the retreat.  I took my shoes off and felt the earth underneath my feet, it felt cold but soft.  I laid down on the rock and it was surprisingly soft and giving underneath my body.  I closed my eyes and drifted off in a meditative state – I had quite an experience – I truly felt the Earth’s perfection but it’s pain at the same time, grateful to be there surrounded by this energy.  

One of the last things I did at the retreat was walk to an area near the lake where a spring of water comes up from the rock.  You can straddle the stream and imagine letting go of whatever you’ve been holding onto for too long, whatever you need to let go of – this ‘thing’ could be a person, an idea, a memory, a fear……just leave it here and let the water carry it away – this is incredibly freeing and it works!  If that memory ever comes up again, you just remind yourself that the water at Mago carried it away.

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I know for sure that if you come here, you too will feel the magic of this land and you will have your own unique experiences.  How could you not, even if you believe nothing of what I said, the energy here is too powerful for anyone to ignore, you WILL feel and you WILL be moved.  This land is alive and it speaks to everyone. 

Everywhere you walk to at Mago is a place of healing.  Rugged, rough, yet soft and gentle. 

Come, feel, see and hear the magic!

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