Life is…

We make it so hard sometimes….trying to find the right answers and the right people to give us the right answers, but really we just have to think how simple can it be, right?

How simple can it be!

But you’re saying, if only it can be so simple.   You’ve driven yourself to complete obsession constantly counting calories, wondering if you’ve exercised enough or feeling guilty for eating that piece of bread… seems like all you do anymore is think about food, calories, and researching the latest trends on diet and supplements for weight loss.

Why does it have to be so hard? Why?

Ask yourself this question, why is it so hard?  Really, what is stopping you from looking and feeling amazing?

Do you need to get yourself into one of those IV infusion bars (they’re all over the place here in SoCal) so you can be ‘infused’ with vitamins that will somehow miraculously make you ‘feel’ better?  Do you need to buy a shit load of vitamins and start popping 20 pills a day so that maybe you can stop eating, so maybe you can get your energy back? Do you need to do more research on the latest diet trends…because there are like a million different diets out there, and if you don’t find the right one….well then you’ll NEVER lose the the weight.  It’s pure madness!

I’m telling you NON of that will work unless you are ready to make a change, and even then all THOSE things are just THINGS to buy, but they don’t create the change you desire.

First, you really need to be sick and tired, and absolutely ready!  You need to have reached that threshold where you say >>> ENOUGH!

Next, you need to work on mindset…..your brain dictates what food you crave and how your hormones will function.  But if your gut is not working right, neither will your brain.  You see your gut is your second brain and can also control your food cravings, hormones, stress, emotions, and ultimately whether you’ll lose the weight or not.

Finally, it means you need to commit to change, this change does not require going on SPECIAL diets, supplements or taking bunch of herbs.

It means YOU realizing that it requires NEW habits, and implementing them into your life to create that beautiful body that is screaming to come out. When YOU begin understanding what it really means to take care of your body, what it means to give your body time, space, attention, and focus….the BODY responds!  Every cell in your body understands & responds to this language.

Its the language that nature speaks, that every ELEMENT speaks.  It’s energy and vibration, and you begin going with the flow and pulsation of life instead of fighting against it.

Your weight melts away, your stress melts away, and your energy just explodes!

If there is one thing I believe in and know for sure, is that living in DAILY RHYTHM is not an option >>> it’s the only way TO LIVE!

Daily Rhythm + Daily Habits = A life that FLOWS with ease and a body that ROCKS!  SIMPLE.

And yet, it’s not so simple, because you really have to want it…..what is life then….just a longing……just a wish….

I wish I could lose weight

I wish I could wear those tight, skinny jeans

I wish I could undress with the light on instead of pitch black because I feel so self conscious

I wish I could wear a sexy black dress that shows off my arms, legs and back without feeling terrified

I wish I could wear those sexy black knee high boots that are in style this year

I wish I could wake up in the morning feeling like a million bucks

I wish… get the point….I could go on and on…..

Honestly, just stop wishing, start writing down what you want.  Start by getting yourself a coach who can lead the way and can help you filter through the B.S. of all those diets, pills, and potions…. and then tell the world to watch out ’cause a NEW YOU is stepping out.

Look, I know what it’s like to have to keep buying larger size jeans, to feel bloated and constipated, to wake up feeling like crap and wishing you didn’t have to face the world, and to have your skin looking like crap.  I’ve been through all that and I know exactly what you need to shift your digestion to high gear, shift your mindset, and help you get your body back.

I’ll show you how to heal your gut so you’re no longer craving the ‘bad’ stuff.  I’ll show you EXACTLY what YOU need to do to get our digestion, hormones, and energy and metabolism WORKING FOR YOU.

But first, make up your mind to put yourself FIRST and commit.  How simple can it be?



PS – If you are ready, and you are sick of not knowing how to get THERE, and I KNOW how to get THERE, just email me back.   In my 8 week Heal your gut and Flatten your Belly Solution I will teach you everything you need to know to heal your gut, your digestion, so that you can get the body & energy you want.   I will help you turn around your health, lose weight, gain more energy, reduce stress, get better sleep, and improve your life.    Early bird pricing ends November 30th.



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