Let’s start a conversation…

Let's start a conversation...

“Follow your passion, do what you love, it’s never too late”…or is it? Those phrases are all too common anymore. There’s a huge industry on teaching us to follow our passion, and someone is making a ton of money in teaching you to follow your passion. But is following your passion making you money? Are you in fact too old, and what is the alternative? One financial guru, who I will not name, states this:  “YES, you are too old and should never abandon your job for your passion if you’re over the age of 40”.

If you’re younger than 35, don’t even read this, it doesn’t apply to you.  Go, find your passion and just DO IT. But, if you’re over 35, and you’re just now jumping on this new game of “finding your passion” because everything you were taught to do is just not making you happy – should you play, should you join the game?

I stumbled on this by accident some 10 years ago, and yes, I was over 35 at the time.   I simply decided to ‘have my cake and eat too’. How you ask…..80/20 rule!

First, I’m not the only bread-winner in the family, I have a partner, and that really helps in finding the freedom to do what I love. Second, I chose to reinvent myself by also choosing another career that will always keep me employed and gives credibility to other work I love to do! In other words, since I was getting older, I had to get creative.

But, with that said….I refused to give up my dream, my passion, and just choose the road everyone else was on. If it wasn’t for my dreams, I would not have experienced the awesome adventures I’ve experienced and I wouldn’t be where I am right now – and I like MY now.

So I guess, the answer is….ok ‘you can’t have the entire cake and eat it too’, but you can have bites, you can have a taste and be content with that – you know, like my detox – the 80/20 rule, do the right thing 80% of the time and throw caution to the wind the other 20%.

As I’m typing this, I realized I really like this conversation and would love to know what you’re thinking – is it too late when you’re over, let’s say 45? Should we be yelling from the rooftop “you’re never too old” or should we be warning everyone instead to abandon their foolish dreams?

While I wait for your answer, I’m preparing to refocus my attention on Ayurveda – what started this conversation anyway (hope you’ll join me if your in the DC area for a workshop this winter).


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