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Karmic Compass: Understanding Life’s Directions with Vedic Astrology

3D illustration of the Indian god Hanuman with a floral background surrounding it.

On April 23rd at approximately 7:48pm EST there will be a powerful Full Moon in the Constellation of Stars or Nakshatra called Svāti.  

Svāti means the ‘independent one’ and is ruled by the Deity Vayu (wind), and as such this Full Moon will have the qualities of movement, change and autonomy. 

The Full Moon will be in the sign of Libra which is all about balance, wealth, relationships, peace, devotion, and creating heaven on earth.  

So this Full Moon will enhance these qualities in our lives as well and will bring a desire for:

  1. Honest and meaningful conversations
  2. Partnerships and collaborations
  3. Increased balance in your life
  4. Travel and exploring  new lands
  5. Different approaches to achieve your desired goals
  6. Flexibility and adaptability when change is inevitable or needed  
  7. Growth and expansion in your business or way of making money

Jupiter and an exalted Sun will be Kendra (quadrant) to the Moon, bringing great wisdom, success, vitality, and intelligence.  

Mars is also aspecting the Moon, giving this Full Moon a lot of energy to accomplish everything is set in motion during this time. 

It’s also a day we celebrate Lord Hanuman’s birthday since the Full Moon (Purnima) is on the Hindu Lunar month of Chaitra.  

Lord Hanuman is associated with the planet Mars and is worshiped on Tuesdays, and this Full Moon is ideal to call in his energy to help you overcome obstacles and achieve success. 

Here are some additional suggestions for this powerful Full Moon:

  • Use this Full Moon’s energy to reflect on your own spiritual journey, your strengths, and aspirations.  
  • Begin your day with prayers and meditation in order to harness the spiritual energy of this auspicious day for higher spiritual realization.
  • Practice gentle yoga asana techniques and gentle breathing techniques to calm the mind.  Hanuman is often depicted in yogic postures symbolizing control over the mind and body.  These practices will help you connect with his energy and enhance your spiritual practice.  
  • Listen to devotional kirtans dedicated to Hanuman and immerse in the divine vibrations of the music connected to his energy to create a powerful spiritual atmosphere and uplift your consciousness.  
  • Cultivate a mindset of gratitude to allow your heart to receive the divine blessing of Hanuman and accelerate your own spiritual growth. 

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