It’s an easy ride…if you do it right

It's an easy ride...if you do it right

There’s so much talk about intermittent fasting these days, and so much information online….but you might still find it confusing or unclear on how to start.

I’m going to make it super EASY and hopefully pretty clear for you.

First, yes….please do your own research.  Read up on it, and if you love the science behind it, well you’ll find a lot of information online with research supporting the concept.

But here is where you might get wrong…

Some people fast most of the day and end up eating there last meal at 1am….this is not a good idea!

The reason for this is that first of all, you are robbing the energy reserves from that new day which totally screws up your hormones….AND you’re probably going to bed on a full stomach, which we all know is the worst thing you can do for your digestive system.

IF you want to stress your body out and get your hormones out of whack, then yes, stay up after 10pm and eat until midnight….that will certainly guarantee low sex hormones, high cortisol levels, increased hot flashes, moodiness, aches and pains, foggy brain, and so much more….and I doubt you’ll lose weight.

Here’s what I know works….

FIRST, you can’t just start intermittent fasting if  you’ve been eating a SAD (standard American diet) up to now.  You’ll end up hypoglycemic and feeling like shit.

So many people think they can eat like crap and then just start IF and they will lose the weight miraculously…..NO, it won’t work…

YOU will fail.


Because you have to get rid of the junk inside so your body can get tuned in to fasting, otherwise you’ll just screw your blood sugar and you’ll end up storing more fat. Simple.

You need to get rid of sugar, salt, and carb craving by going on a detox and you need to hire someone who knows what they’re doing to help you.  Why?  Because if you’ve been eating a SAD then you don’t know what you’re doing, period!

You can reduce your cravings and you can start learning about eating healthier for your body type in about 1-2 weeks….yes, it’s fast when you have a good coach and a program that works!

BONUS – you will lose weight on a detox!

Once you’ve detoxed,  you will be much more tuned in to your body and what hunger feels like.  You’ll also have a better idea what foods your body is sensitive to….trust me, we all have food sensitivities.

Next, you want to work on eating breakfast only after you’ve had some kind of a workout, or if you absolutely, 100%, sure you are hungry.  If you’re not hungry, DON’T eat…your digestive system is not awake when you first wake up anyway, so why force food down your body when it’s not hungry?  Makes no sense.

Lunch becomes your largest meal of the day, eat protein and a healthy fat with your meal.  Sit down in a beautiful location, out in nature if possible, or at least create a calm setting, and enjoy your meal WITHOUT any distractions.  Give thanks, feel GRATITUDE, and enjoy your meal.

Finally, eat your lightest meal at dinner, and make it EARLY.  The goal is to eat dinner by sundown, or as close to it as possible.  You want at least 3 hours to pass before you retire for bed.

Our digestive enzymes decrease as the sun sets. In other words, our metabolism slows down after 2pm. This is why supper or dinner needs to be your LIGHTEST meal.

NOW you can start practicing Intermittent Fasting.

Start by NOT eating anything for 12-13 hours.  So if your dinner was at 6:30pm or 7pm, you should try not to eat anything until at least 6:30 or 7am.  You can have non-caloric drinks such as black coffee, water, teas….any drink that has ZERO calories is fine, and won’t break your fast.

Once you get used to not eating for at least 13 hours, work your way to 14, then 15, until you can go 16 hours without eating.

It is at the 15th and 16th hour that the body starts to tap deep into the fat cells to REMOVE the fat from your body.  This is how you get really lean and can build even more muscle.

If you are working out hard in the morning, you might want to add a good BCAA (branched-chain amino acids) to help you maintain your muscle mass….but this is another subject.

I always break my fast around lunch time, and I make sure I get plenty of protein in my meal.  I eat dinner by 6:30 (sometimes even earlier like 4:30 or 5pm), and I try to be in bed by 10pm.

AND I alway hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, with water of course!

You want to slow down the aging process?

You want to lose weight?

You want to balance your hormones and blood sugar?

You want to heal your digestive system?

You want to feel light, radiant and full of energy?

Then you MUST try Intermittent Fasting!  But first, come join me on my Spring Detox – we start next month, but you can get your feet wet with my Skinny Black Dress Challenge in the meantime.

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