What does coffee have in common with this powerful cilantro smoothie?

Can you imagine your life without coffee? Ummmm, hell no!

Look, as a yogi, or rather an ashtangi, (and after practicing for nearly 5 years I believe I have earned the right to call myself that), I cannot imagine life without coffee! I’m also into health, vitality, anti-aging, detoxing…..well you all know this…..but even so, I would never give up my daily cup (or two) of coffee a day.

So I did some research and found evidence based research material (you know, real research studies) on the effect of coffee/caffeine on one’s health. I looked at the positive effects of consuming caffeine (I already know the negative effects, e.g., it can keep you awake at night, stain your teeth, create acidity in the body, etc).   I am happy to report that I found enough positive research to keep me happily drinking my daily cup of jo!

Here’s what I found – Caffeine….

  • decreases perceived pain in muscles, so it is recommended for athletes after acute activity (hello ashtangis)
  • is anti-microbial
  • is an anti-oxidant
  • is anti-cancerous
  • is anti-diabetic
  • is anti-inflammatory
  • is anti-pyretic
  • is hepatoprotective (protects the liver)

Ok, so now that we know that small amounts of caffeine can actually be good for us, and anti-inflammatory,  lets change gears and talk about what else you can do for inflamed skin and rashes. If you’re suffering from any of these, it could quite possibly be related to the heat we have been experiencing and the fact that we have entered into pitta season.

Here’s what my top 3 recommendations are for excess pitta which usually manifests on the skin as some type of skin condition such as a yeast infection, eczema, psoriasis, cysts,  heat rash, etc.

  1. Start meditating (take a mental time out) – this is a preventative recommendation
  2. Eat a pitta reducing diet (stay away from heat producing foods such as hot spices, red meat, alcohol, and heating fruit such as papaya)
  3. Drink a ton of this heat reducing smoothie: “Anti-inflammatory smoothie”


  • ¼ cup aloe vera juice or aloe vera gel
  • 1-2 cucumbers, peeled and chopped
  • handful of cilantro
  • 2-3 stalk of celery, chopped
  • enough raw coconut water or spring water for a smooth consistency
  • stevia to taste for sweetness (optional)
  • freshly squeezed lime juice (optional)

Place all ingredients in your high-powered blender, blend until you have a smooth consistency and drink up. The goal with this smoothie is not so much taste but to cool the system down and to flush all the heat out, thereby calming and reducing skin inflammation.

Add neem and turmeric into your diet for additional support in cooling you down and reducing inflammation.   

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Stay joyful & positive!

PS,  The answer to the title of the newsletter – they’re both anti-inflammatory! 


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