I manifested her!

I manifested her!

Where do I even begin with this story?!  Seriously….I remember back, over 7 years ago, when I first started diving into the entrepreneurial world that I wanted to be different, a different type of health coach.  Offer something unique, rare, beautiful, with incredible results.  I wanted to change lives, minds, and make a real difference!

I started to teach about detoxing and eating healthy, removing inflammatory foods from your diet and so on….and yes the results were pretty amazing for my clients every time, but certain habits were not sticking…..

AND some people needed something extra, something more…because of their physical or mental constitutional type.

That’s about the time I committed to my Ashtanga yoga practice and where I dove deeper into Ayurveda….the science of LIFE!

Not only do you learn to live in accordance and in flow with nature for YOUR own particular constitution, but you also learn the power of mindset and ENERGY.

I learned a lot about ENERGY work and healing from my energy mentor, Debra King, but nothing works the same and as profound as Ayurveda.

So I did the logical thing, started to study Ayurveda, went to Kerala Academy in California….and fast forward….I found one of my mentors, Cate Stillman with Yogahealer.com

Cate taught me how to take my Ayurvedic knowledge and use it in a practical way, so I can teach my clients practical ways of taking care of themselves.  Dinacharya, daily rhythms….applying them in my own life was completely transformational!

Not only did I heal myself of a lot of mental BS, but I lost and kept off over 26 pounds in my 40’s.

Fast forward again, and I’m struggling.  Struggling because I get bored easily and I just don’t want to follow the rules of the industry like I was taught….the truth is, the rules are just not working for me.  I don’t see any results, and it’s well boring me and my clients.

I longed and craved for creativity, for a coach that ‘got me’, that understood my ‘variability’….the VATA in me.  We always demonize the energies of VATA (ether and air), but they are the creativity and life force of LIFE if we harness it properly.

So I went back to my roots, went back to journaling, meditation, and called in my mentor.

And then she appeared….from the otherside of the world….just out of no where, I found her, or rather, she found me….she called me in.  Because only now was I able to hear her voice calling me.

Honestly, it’s like being reborn again.  I was given permission to speak my message and run my business as I saw fit —-> I was allowed to be me…variable, quirky, ever changing, excited….and that I can change my offers, my packages, my 1:1 coaching as many times as I needed to…….that if something didn’t work, I could scrap it, and I did not need to apologize for it.

That if I fell out of love with a program I was teaching, I could just stop teaching it!   I found my creative FREEDOM again!

Life ebbs and flows, and change means you’re growing…stagnation means you’re dying.

I started working with her, a bit here and there, and then joined her mastermind.  She’s blown me away and ignited a fire deep within me that I didn’t think would ever be ignited.   I have such gratitude for what she’s called me out to do.  To step up and do what I’m supposed to do!

And so I did, I quit bedside nursing (for now), and enrolled full time in California College of Ayurveda to be a practioner.  I’ve been procrastinating, and wouldn’t commit out of fear of the unknown, and that once again I was changing career paths.

But I LOVE change, and Kat gave me permission to LOVE the way I am, and that change was good, and that I would DIE if I didn’t do what was deep inside of me!

So here I am….on my never ending journey into Ayurveda, loving every freaking minute of it, loving every word I study, loving the program (which I called in as well).

It’s not easy, but no one promised me it would be.  Kat’s story is not an easy one.  We all have our challenges and we all have to work hard, but it’s so worth the journey.  Actually, it’s the journey that’s exciting, it’s not even the destination!

And on this journey, I journaled that I had to, JUST HAD TO meet her.  I wanted to see her, hug her, and look into her eyes and say thank you!

And last night I did!

Journaling, manifesting….YES it works……YOU just have to BELIEVE!


  1. Awesome! So happy for you!

  2. Hi who is this Kat? X

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