Honey-Fermented Garlic with Bird’s Eye Chilies

Honey-Fermented Garlic with Bird's Eye Chilies

The perfect taste of savory and sweet when you’re under the weather or have excess Kapha Symptoms!

An easy to make garlic and honey mixture for colds and flu like symptoms, or just when you’re feeling run down.

We all know the anti-microbial & anti-fungal effects of garlic, but did you know the health benefits of Bird’s eye chilies?

Bird’s Eye Chilies are anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, aid digestion, balance Kapha dosha, anti-cancerous, analgesic (help reduce pain), anti-fungal, accelerate detoxification pathways, anti-clotting, reduce blood pressure, improves eye health, and provide numerous vitamins and minerals.

Wow!  These are some powerful chilies!

Here’s how to make this pot of gold for this cold & flu season


24 peeled garlic cloves (3 heads of garlic)

10 Bird’s eye chilies

2 cups organic raw honey

1 pint jar


Gently crush the garlic cloves with the blade of a knife and put them in a 1-pint jar.   Stir in the chilies, and pour the honey on top allowing at least 1 inch of headspace on top.  Stir it    all together with a wooden chopstick or spoon so that honey coats each clove of garlic and no air bubbles remain.  Seal, label and put in a cupboard away from direct light and heat for at least a month before using.

As the garlic ferments, it releases it   liquid, which will cause the honey to win and turn runny.  In the first few weeks you’ll see it bubble, but as fermentation progresses, that activity will quiet and the garlic will begin to darken and age.

The jar of garlic honey will keep for years stored at room temperature.

When you are feeling ill, just take a spoonful of the honey and a clove of garlic.

Warning, cloves and Bird’s eye chilies are known to reduce blood pressure.

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