Summer Ayurvedic Cooking Class


Summer Ayurvedic Cooking Class

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Summer season is the hottest time of the year – the earth is closest to the sun! Our bodies require us to use lighter clothes, hydrate and stay cool. One of the reasons I love Ayurveda so much is because it teaches us how to deal with the specific weather of each season and gives us solutions for how to deal with the reactions our bodies may experience in them.

Join me for a two hour Summer cooking class. You will learn Ayurvedic cooking techniques for staying cool from within using herbs, vegetables and spices.

We’ll be making:

Cream of fennel and lauki squash

Gluten free chapatis (flat breads)

Young coconut curry

Cooling basmati dill rice

No experience is needed, except a desire to learn more about Ayurveda and how to bring this ancient science into your kitchen.

This class series was recorded live. You will receive the recording the cooking classes immediately upon purchase.

Chef Om

Former monk Chef Om is the Co-Founder and executive chef of Cooking with Om, an Ayurvedic plant based meal delivery service based in Los Angeles. He is also a cooking teacher that specializes in cooking with a healing mindset.

Om can teach you how to slow down, mediate and honor your body as a sacred temple so that you can harvest abundant joy, health and positivity each and every day, while also enjoying foods you prepare at home.