AGNI & OJAS Ayurvedic Cooking for Immunity


AGNI & OJAS Ayurvedic Cooking for Immunity

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Have you ever wanted to cook simple, nourishing meals but didn’t know where to start?

Do you feel overwhelmed with all the diets on the market today?

Are you interested in learning how to cook for a stronger immune system?

Let us teach you how to cook with spices and vegetables that will increase your health and overall immunity and wellness.

Transitioning from summer to fall can be a vulnerable time for our body. This is why so many of us end up sick around this time each year. One of the best ways to ensure a strong immune system (Ojas) this fall and winter is to have an efficient, strong metabolism or Agni.

Join Ayurvedic Chef Om and Annette Shellenbarger in this 4-part, online cooking course; learning how to make simple, nourishing, and immune strengthening meals for yourself and your family.


  • 4 videos of cooking class demonstrations to watch at your own pace on your own time.
  • At the beginning of each class we’ll go over Ayurvedic principles and tips for strengthening your Ojas and Agni.
  • You may cook along with us as we teach you how to make delicious Ayurvedic inspired recipes that improve your Agni – metabolism, ground Vata dosha,  and strengthen your Ojas – immune system.
  • At the end of each live cooking demonstration, we sit down and eat ‘family style’ together, sharing our experiences.*

*You will not interact with Om and Annette as part of this purchase as these classes are pre-recorded.


Everyone! No experience is needed, except a desire to learn more about Ayurveda and how to bring this ancient science into your kitchen.

AGNI & OJAS — Ayurvedic Cooking for Immunity

Learn Simple, Nourishing Meals to Support your Immune System
A 4-part online cooking course

This class series was recorded live. You will receive recordings of each of our four cooking classes immediately upon purchase.

Chef Om

Former monk Chef Om is the Co-Founder and executive chef of Cooking with Om, an Ayurvedic plant based meal delivery service based in Los Angeles. He is also a cooking teacher that specializes in cooking with a healing mindset.

Om can teach you how to slow down, mediate and honor your body as a sacred temple so that you can harvest abundant joy, health and positivity each and every day, while also enjoying foods you prepare at home.