Heal your energy through the power of color

Heal your energy through the power of color

Ayurveda is really big on energy and the power it has on our mental and spiritual health.

It’s something that in the West we tend to overlook, or scoff at, but it plays a huge part in how we function in this world and how others perceive us, which is one of the many reasons I teach about Ayurveda and all the tools available to us to change and improve upon our energy, our life force, and our resilience to stress.

Yes, food and lifestyle play a huge role in this, but lets not forget our other 4 senses – our vision, our touch, our hearing, and our sense of smell. We perceive information, and our energy shifts according to what is coming in from all of our 5 senses.

You can get thrown of balance AND become susceptible to disease when you abuse or mis-use ANY of your 5 senses.

This is WHY color is so important.

Color is MORE than just an image.

Colors are light waves, translated into nerve impulses that affect many physiological processes. Some are known to us – for example, color –

  • affects our emotions via the limbic system
  • affects our Bio Rhythms via the pineal gland
  • affects physiology through our skin (directly affects our ability to make Vitamin D, and blue light helps break down bilirubin in infants, for example).
  • is also the field of the mind, your aura, and subtle body
    and light is constantly interacting with us and affecting us

In Ayurveda, we use color to affect a person’s energy based on a person’s constitution and the nature of their imbalance.

Color is so powerful, that even Western medicine has acknowledged this and uses it in treating various disorders. You can even find ‘colored or tinted glasses’ now on Amazon to use as part of color therapy…..which, by the way, affects your subtle energy AND ultimately your psychology (mental and spiritual health).

Yes, pretty powerful stuff!

Ever wonder why nuns, priests, and even police officers wear all black, or why buddhist monks wear all orange or red? There’s an energetic reason for this and it impacts not only the energy of the person wearing the color, but others who ‘see’ them.

If you want to watch the video I did explaining how to use color, you can join my free private FB forum here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/809309392551603/

I also teach about energy, the chakras, and how to affect them, clear them, heal them through various modalities including color, of course. The program is called ‘Ayurveda for Life’ and the deadline to sign up is tomorrow, November 18, 2017.  LINK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Email me if you have any questions or would like to discuss whether this program is right for you, AND share with me how YOU use color to improve your world!

Color your life and change your energy!


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