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Here are some planetary updates that you may not be aware of…

JUPITER – is entering the sign of Pisces on April 13th of 2022 and will remain in Pisces for an entire year.
Jupiter is the smartest of all planets and the most benefic and sattvic planet. Jupiter represents God, religion, wealth, guru, advisor, truth, spiritual path, philosophy, astrology, faith, devotion, wisdom, law, good karma, luck, generosity, respect, husband, children, close friends, mantras, scriptures, enlightened teachers, and priests.
Jupiter is the planet of knowledge, truth and abundance and blesses anything it touches in the horoscope by supporting and promoting its significations. Jupiter represents life, aliveness, and the individual soul – and ultimately, spiritual wisdom. Jupiter is the ultimate truth.
Pisces is a sign ruled by Jupiter so it tends to be a sign that is philosophical in nature. It’s also the 12th sign of the zodiac and as such tends to be more introspective and sensitive. Pisces is all about visualizing goals and then manifesting what is seen. It’s a sign that is very intuitive and psychic – visualizing limitless possibilities.
Jupiter is, therefore, going into its own sign, what a glorious time for Pisces!
Jupiter will bless the house that is ruled by Pisces along with the houses it projects it’s drsti (gaze).
What this means for you depends on where Pisces is on your chart, and what area of life it governs.
In my chart, for example, Jupiter will bring resources, support and blessings, to my 8th house of karmic illnesses, longevity, and transformation; my 12th house of long distance foreign travel, ashrams and hospitals, and my 2nd house of money and food!
Are you ready for certain areas of your life to receive Jupiter’s blessings and support? Would you like to know what is coming up for you in the next year with all these planetary changes?

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Sending you blessings for your continued spiritual co-creation and transformation 🌼

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