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More on Ojas and Resiliency

A woman in love, young babies, and teenagers (full of energy) –  all have it.

It’s called OJAS.

Ojas is a subtle bodily substance described in Ayurveda as the foundation of our overall health, happiness, and resilience to stress.  The word literally means ‘luster’, ‘splendor’, or ‘strength’.

Ojas is formed by our bodily tissues and is considered a byproduct of Kapha Dosha – it has the qualities of the water element.  It gives you energy, endurance, a strong immune system, fertility, creativity, and clarity of mind and happiness – it’s your radiance.  It is also associated with certain factors such as age, natural constitution, your stress levels, and your diet and digestive health.

When ojas is healthy, the mind is strong and does not easily fatigue – it has excellent endurance and the ability to work on complex mental problems for a long period of time.  A healthy ojas means you are content with whatever you have and wherever you are.  Ojas helps you experience contentment and bliss!

Ojas protects the nadis from being burnt to a crisp by the intensity of the increase in tejas from Kundalini energy that has awakened.  

Ojas resides in all the chakras, with muladhara chakra (root chakra) being the most important chakra for its functioning.

When your ojas is strong

  • your eyes and skin are glowing
  • your mind is positive and focused
  • your immune system is strong
  • you’re more resilient to stress
  • you’re more creative
  • you’re more fertile
  • you have a strong connection to nature
  • your body is pain-free
  • your tongue is clear & pink – a sign of good digestion
  • you feel protected and nourished by life
  • you have spiritual awareness

What happens, though, when your ojas is low?


The symptoms are pretty clear 

  • increase in mind fatigue
  • unstable mind
  • loss of contentment
  • you find that you’re complaining more
  • your tolerance of stress, stimulation, and excitement is low
  • you may experience radical mood swings
  • possible mental breakdown

Obviously, your OJAS is everything!  Without it, you basically lose your mind.


Here is a list of what can deplete your ojas and put you at risk of destroying your physical and mental health

  • physical over-exertion
  • emotional or mental over-exertion
  • excessive use of technology
  • high stress environments or events
  • excessive use of the sense (too much talking, thinking, reading, eating, or sexual activity)


How do you promote more ojas in your daily life?  

  • Daily yoga and meditation practice
  • Pranayama
  • Diet
  • Spend more time in nature
  • Reduce variability and maintain consistency
  • Regular Ayurvedic body work (abhyanga, shriodhara, Marma therapy)
  • Maintain a clean, peaceful and beautiful home
  • Explore your creativity through art, journaling, dance or music
  • Laugh often
  • Choose your relationships wisely and surround yourself with people who uplift you
  • Enjoy replenishing drinks such as golden milk with your partner
  • Practice self-care daily

Ready to increase your OJAS?  BODY WISDOM starts next month! This is my signature 10 week program for total transformation, rejuvenation, and slowing down the aging process!

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