Getting ready for a real adventure!

I realized that I haven’t blogged in a while, even though I have been sending out newsletters and connecting on social media, it’s not the same.  Blogging on my own website is different because its a sacred space I have where I can say whatever I want – I keep it low key though.  

I have spend part of February and all of March so far immersed in research and interviewing experts either in person or by phone on the subject of hormones, health, and longevity.

It’s not until very recently that it really dawned on me how important hormones are in determining your health, how you age, and how you feel.  In fact, it’s all about hormones.  If you’re depressed, it’s hormone related;  if you’re overweight, again – it’s hormone related; if you can’t sleep at night – yup, hormones – everything you feel or experience from sex to food is all hormone related.  And the major organ that determines how the body uses hormones is the liver!

I stumbled upon the hormones in my quest for answers on longevity and epigentics (changing your gene expression through food and lifestyle choices), which is so perfect because Spring is the season of the liver.  This is the time of hear I host one of my favorite detoxes because of all the greens and abundance spring brings.   It’s the perfect time of year to detox and nourish this powerful organ.

If you want to know more about hormones, your liver, and how to lose weight, join me on my FREE webinar March 31st at 7p EST.  It’s going to be jam packed with information that you don’t want to miss!  You can register for the event HERE and you will also get my free gift, an eBook I created called ‘Detox your Life’.

On April 7th, I’m off to a great adventure, I fly to Goa, India, to study with one of my beloved teachers, John Scott.  Many of you know that I practice Ashtanga, mysore style yoga, and going to India has been a long time dream of mine.

So I’ll be spending my 50th birthday in Goa, practicing what I love most – yoga!

When I get back, the adventure really begins, as it looks like we will be leaving the DC area and going West.  I’ll keep you posted where I end up, and how my India trip faired.

In the meantime, don’t forget to join me live on my webinar – if you have hormones, and everybody does, you don’t want to miss it —>just click HERE to join.

Have a fabulous Easter, if you celebrate it, and I’ll return on this blog from India in a few weeks.


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