5 tips to help you tolerate Raw Foods so your skin can sparkle!

5 tips to help you tolerate Raw Foods so your skin can sparkle!

I love summer and all the fruit and vegetables options we have.  It’s one of the best ways to hydrate and clear up your skin ~ from the inside out.

The problem, is that many of us cannot tolerate raw food.  Do you ever get bloated or experience abdominal pain after eating certain vegetables or fruit?

If you answered yes, than you are one of those people who’s digestive system is not very strong.  Yet eating raw food is so vital in getting those free radical fighting vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that we just can’t get when we cook food above 118 degrees fahrenheit.

Here are some tips to counteract these digestive issues:

  1.  Food combining is critical, start following these basic rules:  only eat fruit early in the day and on an empty stomach, never as a ‘dessert’.
  2. Slightly blanche your greens, as long as you do not cook them above 118 degrees fahrenheit, they are still considered raw, yet you’ve made them easier to digest.
  3. Take ginger in supplement form with lunch and dinner to help stimulate digestion and reduce gas and bloating.  If you don’t suffer from heart burn, you can try the Digestive Glow Ginger recipe I have for you below instead.
  4. Take Hingwastika, an Ayurvedic herb from Vadik Herbs, after your meal to help with digestion ~ or
  5. Take Premier HCL (found on Amazon) after eating.  As we age, we produce less hydrochloric acid and this affects our ability to absorb proteins and nutrients and can cause an imbalance in your intestinal flora, causing you discomfort when you eat raw foods.

Digestive Glow Ginger

  • 1 fresh lemon (enough to make ½ cup of juice)
  • 1 inch peeled fresh ginger
  • ½ tsp Himalayan Salt

Squeeze the lemon to make ½ cup fresh lemon juice, and put the juice in a jar.  Cut the ginger into thin one inch strips and add these to the lemon juice.  Add the salt to the mixture and stir until the salt dissolves.  Cover the jar and refrigerate; it will last for approximately a week in the fridge.

Eat 1-2 strips of the soaked fresh ginger before each meal or your largest meal.

Here is a delicious Raw summer recipe (for more Raw & Delicious recipes check out my business Facebook page.

Papaya Bliss Pudding Recipe:
2 cups cubed papaya
1 ripe peeled banana
1 Tbs raw tahini
¼ tsp cinnamon
liquid stevia or your favorite sweetener, to taste
1 Tbs shredded coconut
1 Tbs cacao nibs
Place all the ingredients except for the coconut and cacao nibs in a food processor and blend until smooth. Pour into a small bowl and top with the coconut and cacao nibs.
If you want to know more about Raw food and how to safely incorporate them into your diet to strengthen your immune system and  to get that glow back in your skin, join me for my Living Raw Program which starts July 18th.  The program is 7 days long but runs all summer, so you can hop on at any time.  Check out the details HERE

This summer up your intake of Raw food by 25% and notice the difference.


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