Facing fear head on!

Facing fear head on!

One of my biggest fears is getting in front of a camera and speaking.  I don’t mind speaking in front of a live group, I do that all the time as a nurse, but when it comes to a camera, OMG – I panic!

I decided that in 2016 I was going to face my camera fears  – if I was going to reach more people with my message about food, transformation, and health – I really needed to conquer  this and start recording and start engaging in social media.  There was no way around it.

Thank God I understood the value of hiring and paying for some amazing coaching.  Without the direction of these valuable coaches, I would have never gotten passed my own resistance and negative chatter  – that I know for sure!

When was the last time you have a hired a coach?  For anything, working out, nutrition, health, relationships, etc?  Honestly, I don’t don’t know how you can navigate life without one.  

Building my business as a health coach has been tough, and I have had to do things I don’t enjoy (aka video taping), and sometimes I have wondered if I’m completely nuts putting in all this work and research and doing things I don’t particularly like just to get my message out to the world…..but…..as one of my special coaches told me, “it’s not a question of whether you should be in this business (health coaching), you actually don’t have a choice”.  Wow, that sentence replays in head everyday, I don’t have a choice, I have to share my message.

So here goes, on March 31st, at 7pm EST I will be hosting my FIRST ever FREE webinar.  It’s all about you liver, your adrenals, your thyroid, and weight loss.

Come join me – click here to sign up – it’s totally free and totally worth it.  No worries if you can’t make it live, you’ll get the recording a couple of days later along with my free gift.

Happy Spring!
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