Dermatologists could be causing you to age faster…

Dermatologists could be causing you to age faster...

I know, this is shocking news, but so true…..let me explain….

For years, dermatologists have promoted chemical peals, lasers, acid peels, creams and potions (and more recently, skin needling) to remove sun damaged skin and allow the skin to form more ‘collagen’, and supposedly, improve the skin texture and so on.

I’ve had dermatologists push these techniques on me for over 30 years now, overtime I visit their office for a skin check-up.

In my late 20’s, I tried several techniques to remove acne scars and ‘keep my skin looking young’, but I always left looking worse than I came in. The excuse was, ‘it’s your skin healing and regenerating and building more collagen’.

But how can something be good for your skin if it causes pain, trauma, swelling, and inflammation? To me, it just did not make sense, and my gut did not sit well with it .

Fast forward, and I’m now a Registered Nurse, taking care of post surgery patients, and I notice what happens to traumatized skin…..

During my time as a trauma nurse I learned that the part of the body that was operated on, was always weaker, not stronger. Collagen did not grow back thicker, as a matter of fact, the skin in the area that was operated on, was always thinner, more fragile.

Trauma to the skin, in any fashion, NEVER improves the skin, it weakens it and accelerates aging.

Of course, I never bought into the skin needling, lasers, chemical peels, and acids… a Registered Nurse, having taken care of thousands of patients, I knew these procedures would only damage my skin further, not improve it.

I recently visited an esthetician in the business of keeping people looking their best…
She’s a secret beauty weapon to some famous movie stars, and you can only see her by referral. I was referred to her by a medical colleague – so I got in.

She confirmed everything I suspected about these dermatological procedures…..they not only do NOT work, they actually ACCELERATE aging because they traumatize and weaken the skin. Exactly what I suspected.

If you have sun damage, the best advice I got from her is to simply use gentle polishing scrubs that are free of damaging ingredients.

This visit inspired me to create these videos….

Listen to Part 1 of a 3 part video I created on my skin experience and what I do to keep my skin looking young.

Interestingly enough, I was at the dermatologist yesterday for a skin check up (skin cancer prevention), and the doctor including the staff commented on how beautiful my skin looked (no make up on – actually, I NEVER wear foundation).

I”ll share more of my skin secrets tomorrow, including a list of ingredients to avoid when purchasing creams, foundation, and make-up in general. There is a particular ingredient that causes milia, black heads and acne…..all of this in tomorrow’s email along with video #2.

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