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Cosmic Clarity: Insights and Revelations from Vedic Astrology

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Jupiter has finally moved into the sign of Taurus, putting him in a much more favorable placement than where he was for the last year.    

Jupiter means teacher, guide, guru, and advisor.  He sheds light where there is darkness, and removes ignorance.  

The entire year Jupiter was in Aries (Jupiter remains in a sign for one full year), he was aspected by Saturn and Rāhu, two malefic planets.  

The Guru, the sanskrit name for Jupiter, had fallen!  

During Jupiter’s time in Aries, I witnessed several gurus fall, one of which is a popular teacher on Mind Valley.  Unfortunately, it    came to light that this guru was selling empty promises on manifesting, and defrauded many hundreds of people out of thousands if not millions in a venture capital scheme.  

Jupiter revealed the truth to many of us before he finally moved into safer place in the sky.  

Exactly how Jupiter will affect you personally during his year long transit in Taurus now will depend on your rising sign and what area of life he’s in.  

Generally, this will be a a good transit for everyone since he will not be afflicted by Rāhu and Saturn for a long time.  

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Om Gurave Namah

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