Candida – What is it?

Its a fungus (yeast) and small amounts actually live in your mouth & small intestine. But, it can grow out of control for various reasons such as high consumption of sugar, alcohol, refined carbs, stress, taking too many antibiotics,  birth control pills, toxic overload, and so on. This fungus can then leak out of the walls of your intestine and into your bloodstream causing a range of problems.

Some common signs of candida are:

  1.  reoccurring nail and/or skin fungal infections
  2. strong sugar cravings (candida feeds on sugar)
  3.  mood swings, depression, anxiety
  4.  chronic fatigue, feeling worn out
  5.  severe seasonal allergies
  6.  poor memory or difficulty concentrating
  7.  skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, etc.
  8. recurring vaginal yeast infections

An Anti-inflammatory diet (eliminating refined carbs & sugar) and healing your digestive system is fundamental. If you suspect candida overgrowth in your system, you can actually get tested for it by your physician. You will have to go on an Anti-Inflammatory diet, eliminating refined carbs and sugar, and possibly be put on anti-fungal medication.

In my Spring Renewal Detox, you will be given the tools to heal your digestive system.  You will learn how to eat for candida overgrowth and eliminate sugar addictions because candida and so many other diseases LOVE sugar.

Join me April 25th and learn how to eat for your individual body because no two bodies are the same!
candida pic