Burning Issue

Burning Issue

Happy Summer Solstice

I’m keeping this short and simple as I just got back from Greece, and I’m pretty jet lagged….but I just couldn’t let the first day of summer go by without writing to you! 

Right before I left for Greece, I had a basal cell carcinoma removed, and it got pretty infected.  Long story short, the dermatologist broke sterile field, and I knew it, since I’m a nurse and know a lot about keeping the surgery site sterile during a procedure.  As soon as she broke sterility, I thought, ‘Annette, get ready, this leg of yours is now infected’! 

Sure enough, the following day, my leg was red, and the infection was spreading fast.  I called the doctor and was put on antibiotics immediately, but because the wound was on my lower extremity, it took a lot longer to heal, and the incision was not closing up properly due to the infection.  

I was a hot mess! 

It’s times like these that I’m grateful for my training as a nurse and knowing how to take care of infected wounds.

I slowly nursed myself back to health.

But here’s the truth, I ultimately caused this.

I put myself at very high risk when I was younger, sunbathing for hours on end with only baby oil as my protection.

Total lunacy!

Today, I know better, and I hope you do as well.  We need the sun for many benefits such as making Vitamin D and increasing Serotonin (our feel good hormone), but too much at the wrong time of day, can end up in skin cancer just like I had (and still at risk for more).

This is why I want to introduce you to a couple of sites that are super helpful and educational, incase you are not aware of them. 

Both are equally important, so once you’re done reading my newsletter, go check them out. 

The first one is called the Fitzpatrick Scale for skin prototyping.  Find your score HERE.

The second site is where you can find information on non toxic sunscreens.  The organization is called Environmental  Working Group,  a non-profit organization who’s mission is to protect us from toxins by making us aware of foods and products that are toxic or non-safe.  

Download their 2017 list of safe sunscreens to use on your skin HERE.  

Hope you have a safe and blissful summer this year.

PS – If you need some help detoxing, and getting ready for a bikini body, join my summer detox (and two more detoxes in the fall and winter) HERE

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