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Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse

On April 19-20 parts of the world will witness a rare hybrid solar eclipse which occur only once every ten years. A hybrid eclipse is a solar eclipse that changes as the Moon’s shadow moves across the Earth’s surface (it

Predictions for Venus this month

Venus just entered Pisces on February 15th and will be in the sign of Pisces until March 11th. I don’t usually talk about shorter transiting planets because their effects are very short lived, they move on fairly fast. But Venus

Honey-Fermented Garlic with Bird’s Eye Chilies

The perfect taste of savory and sweet when you’re under the weather or have excess Kapha Symptoms! An easy to make garlic and honey mixture for colds and flu like symptoms, or just when you’re feeling run down. We all

Great Astrological News!

Jupiter is out of retrogression and gone direct this week. This is important because while Jupiter was retrograde he was meditating and unable to give his blessings and energy. But now that Jupiter has gone direct, he is full of

“Ayurvedic” Blue Corn Bread

Thanksgiving is around the corner and many of you are wondering how you can adapt classic Thanksgiving meals to suit the Ayurvedic lifestyle. Corn bread is one of these classics and today I want to share with you how to

VLOG The Difference Between Western Astrology & Vedic Astrology or Jyotiśa

Watch the video below to learn the difference between Western Astrology & Vedic Astrology or Jyotiśa

Gluten-free Superfood cookies for your Fall outdoor adventures

For me, fall is my favorite time of year to get outdoors, to travel, and to explore. Make this Superfood, Gluten-free Trail Mix Cookie recipe for your next outdoor adventure. Prep Time 2 hours 20 minutes Cook Time 10 minutes

Life changing decisions

I don’t know if you knew this, but only 4 hurricanes on record made landfall in the U.S. with winds greater than 155 mph, and hurricane Ian with sustained winds of at least 150 mph made landfall in southwest Florida,


On this lunar eclipse, the Sun enters Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio. Both of these signs are fixed, meaning they are Tamasic in nature.  Rāhu (one of the nodes) is also adding to this tamasic, dark energy. QUALITIES OF


Here are some planetary updates that you may not be aware of… JUPITER – is entering the sign of Pisces on April 13th of 2022 and will remain in Pisces for an entire year.Jupiter is the smartest of all planets


Jyotish, is the Sanskrit word for Vedic Astrology and literally means the study of light in the sky.  In the words of my teacher, Freedom Cole, “Jyotish helps us remove all that stops our light from shining and how to

The “Auspicious”

The full moon culminates in Cancer in Puśya Nakśatra at approximately 6:44pm EST on Monday, January 17th. This is such a beautiful, spiritual, and auspicious full moon! The energy is very auspicious because this full moon is all about supporting

New Year, New Moon

New Moon culminates in Purva Ashadha nakśatra (star constellation) on January 2, 2021. Our first new Moon of 2022 enters in Mula nakśatra (the root) on January 1st, and comes in direct line with the Sun on January 2nd in

5 Ayurvedic Tips For Better Sleep

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling the energy of the eclipse coming on December 4th.  This energy can feel disturbing, ungrounding, and ultimately can feel like  Vata dosha is being aggravated. It’s also the end of the year,

Blessings From The Sun

What guides your life and energizes your soul is the Sun. The Sun not only sustains our lives and gives us vitality,  but it also represents our spirituality and our ability to see clearly beyond the material plane. From an


According to Ayurveda, the king of the seasons is Spring.  It’s a time when Mother Earth surges with udana vayu (upward moving energy) causing plants and flowers to grow and bloom.  The weather begins to get warmer and the moisture

100 Physicians and 100 Medicines

What an incredible transformational year 2020 has been.  The pandemic affected everyone globally and in ways we never imagined….the lockdowns and shutdowns brought not only isolation, but a lot of fear.  The energy of fear is almost palpable these days,

Strengthen your immunity through your senses

Build a strong immune system with Ayurveda’s ancient secrets! By taking care of your senses, you build a strong resilience to stress and a strong immune system.

Ritucharya – Seasonal Regimen

We are heading into Autumn, which according to Ayurveda is the most difficult time for us to maintain our health and to hold on to our energy. It’s also considered the worst time for travel and activity. ⠀ ⠀ Agni

How to prevent and treat ama (toxins)

Ayurveda is special and unique in that as a healing modality it respects the uniqueness of every individual.  It’s also a healing modality that looks at the individual as a whole, not as a separate being, meaning that it looks

Seasonal Routine for Summer

An important Ayurvedic concept is routine or dinacharya.  One of these routines is called the seasonal routine of summer – Visarga Kala. For most of us reading this blog, we live in the Northern Hemisphere which means summer is coming

Three  important indicators that determine how strong your immune system is according to Ayurveda >>>plus an exciting announcement!

I’m excited to announce that Chandra Ayurveda Panchakarma Clinic has been open for 11 days and thriving in the city of Sarasota, Florida! The process of getting my small clinic up and running was one of the toughest things I

Sacred Space in Sarasota!

A lot has developed and changed in the last few months in my life.  I moved from beautiful, sunny California, to the warm coastal shores of Florida.  I completed my Ayurvedic studies, completed my year long Panchakarma training, and received

How Ayurveda Approaches Female Hair Loss

I know, the woman pictured here has beautiful, thick hair. The envy of many females, including myself. I’m here to tell you, there’s HOPE So….why put a picture that might depress us, right?! But yes, the truth is that thinning

Calm Vata Dosha & Improve Your Health With Breath

Breath. Such a simple thing. It’s essential to life, but yet how often do we think about it? It ebbs and flows throughout our days and we barely give it a second thought. Fall is Vata season, which can increase

Woman in the forest

Personally, I prefer the tropical forest, like Hawaii, but nevertheless, I am a woman in the forrest. According to Ayurveda, if you are entering your fifty’s or if you are there already, like myself, you are entering the 3rd stage

Kitchari, delicious, and easy on the digestive system

One of my favorite Kitchari recipes was created for my private dinner guests by an Ayurvedic chef, ‘Cooking with Om’, and I am happy to be sharing it with all of you. It’s the perfect meal when you’re doing a

Healing Sattvic Chai

I’m always looking for nourishing and grounding drinks, and recently I stumbled upon an old recipe I had so I decided to share it here in my blog because it’s such calming alternative to caffeinated drinks such as coffee. Ingredients:

Ojas Building Rose Milk

Rejuvenate and build immunity with this delicious nut milk made with two of the most exquisite ingredients…roses and saffron.   Ingredients: 1 cup almonds 3 cups filtered water for soaking 1 ½ tsp mineral salt for soaking the almonds 4

Springtime Remedies

It’s springtime, and that usually means a lot of dampness, heaviness, and cold. The best way to bring balance to your body is to deal with your digestion first by incorporating spices and lifestyle practices that will lift the heaviness

Practical Ayurvedic Cold Remedies

It’s the end of the year, and the theme has been upper respiratory viruses and sinus type of colds. Every client I have seen this month is struggling with a cold or upper respiratory issues. There’s definitely a theme going

My 5 top travel tips

It’s the HOLIDAYS!  And this means more travel – either by car, plane, train, or boat….the holidays usually = some form of travel. From an Ayurvedic perspective, it means that Vata dosha will get aggravated.   Vata dosha is the

Ginger-Braised Fennel & Sweet Potato Soup

The perfect way to transition your meals from summer to fall is begin making light soups for dinner.  This particular soup is nutritious, soothes the digestive system, and has a sweet post-digestive effect, perfect for end of summer.   At

Your eyes ~ timeless self care, the Ayurvedic way

Summer is Pitta time of year – in Ayurveda, it means the fire element is increasing and possibly aggravated.  You might feel it in your mood, your competitiveness  might have increased for example, or you might be feeling and acting

Digestive symptoms and Vata Dosha

 I get a lot of question about digestion and what to do when the symptoms start affecting your quality of life, and eventually start to actually cause you major discomfort and pain….to the point where you have to seek

Heal the Digestion

I get so many questions on how to heal the digestion, and with good reason, disease begins either in the digestive system or the mind. So I want to share a very powerful way to use herbs to your advantage.

Lifestyle practices for health and beauty during Kapha season

Winter and early spring is heavy, wet, and cold – typical of the Kapha season (energy).  It    can leave us feeling stagnant and heavy, not only in the body but in the mind as well. Ayurveda has several beautiful practices

Coffee with brains!

I’m on such a coffee kick these days.  I only have one cup a day, but it has to be THE best, and it has to be powerful, smart, delicious….AND it must be powerful….improve my mental stamina, and give me

Ayurvedic oils for balancing the doshas

It’s been over a year since I was trained in Abhyanga massage therapy, and I am currently in more training going deeper in my massage and energy work training here in California. In all my years practicing yoga, working as a Registered

Winter wellness tea recipes

I love teas!  They are not only soothing and comforting, but super powerful plant allies.   I grew up with wild harvested teas that my grandmother used to create in Greece.  She had a tea remedy for every ailment.  

Create a Spa experience at Home

Treat yourself to a Spa experience anytime this winter – no appointment or travel time required. Take a time out for a Spa day right there in the comfort of your own home. First, set the mood Slip into a

Heal your energy through the power of color

Ayurveda is really big on energy and the power it has on our mental and spiritual health. It’s something that in the West we tend to overlook, or scoff at, but it plays a huge part in how we function

Homemade Rose Oil Elixir

The ultimate self care is creating your very own facial oil ELIXIR.  Oil is not only a natural food source for your skin, it also nourishes, feeds, protects, and prevents accelerated aging of the skin. Two of my absolute favorite

5 surefire ways to improve your immune system

Winter is synonymous with flu season – but not if you start shifting your routine around. Here are five all-natural, Ayurvedic inspired ways to enhance your immunity this season.   Inspect & scrape your tongue Every morning, inspect your tongue

Eating with the seasons

  I absolutely LOVE fall, and it’s finally getting chillier here in the City of Angels! Yay. AND fall always = apples, so keep reading  for a delicious Ayurvedic treat….   Nature is generous, abundant, and wise, providing us with

My favorite herbs for a healthy digestion

It’s officially fall, Vata season, and this can bring a host of digestive issues such as gas, bloating, constipation, and a feeling of heaviness. If you’re a fiery type, a Pitta constitution, the end of a hot summer and the

Stay Healthy During the Autumn Equinox with these tips

September is a time of transition, change, and fragility, as the weather begins to cool, and rainfall increases.    We’re heading into Autumn Equinox where the days days become shorter and nights longer – the energy is changing and officially

Anxiety and its message

Fear and anxiety have become a way of life in our culture.   It can morph its ugly face in many ways, such as anxiety to be wealthy, anxiety to be loved, anxiety to lose weight and so on.  

24 Detox and de-bloating protocol to flatten your belly!

So many of my clients want to know how to ditch that annoying belly bloat and indigestion and trade that in for feeling and looking pretty darn amazing. Let’s be honest – passing gas at the dinner table is just

How’s your Ojas doing?

A young child wakes up in the morning content, full of vitality and energy, a true example of OJAS… Last week I wrote about Ojas, an Ayurvedic term that can be described as the byproduct of Kapha dosha; strength; vitality;

More on Ojas and Resiliency

A woman in love, young babies, and teenagers (full of energy) –  all have it. It’s called OJAS. Ojas is a subtle bodily substance described in Ayurveda as the foundation of our overall health, happiness, and resilience to stress.  The

Energy healing – is epigenetics!

The last 3 weeks have been incredibly fulfilling and consciously expanding for sure. I spent them in Nevada City, CA, at the College of Ayurveda, studying Marma Therapy (yes, I am now a Marmani ), as well as a few

The best foods for beautiful hair (and prevent hair loss)

  Ever since I turned 50 a year ago, I decided that I was not going to let a number determine how I feel, how I look, and definitely now how I age. My friends and I joke that we

Your health depends on the smallest chemical particle in existence!  

Your ionic field  Energy is indestructible – how’s yours? The reason you wake up tired, gain weight, have poor sleep, have zero desire for sex, and experiencing hormonal issues including adrenal fatigue….can all be traced to the smallest chemical particles

Cooling Summer Recipes

Right now I’m in Greece, and the temperatures are rising and everyone is already swimming and getting their tan on. I’m quite surprised how many tourists are flooding the country already and it’s only June 5th! Pitta Season is here! 

4 Ways to Love Yourself More

It’s hard to imagine more powerful words than “I am enough”, “I am beautiful”, or “I am gifted”! How do you feel when you state these words out loud?  How would you feel if you accepted these statements as truth?

Chia & Coconut Pudding for dessert

What could be more delicious, cooling, and nutritious than chia pudding!  Here’s a variation you will love, just in time for summer! INGREDIENTS (serves 4) 5 Tbs chia seeds 1 ¼ cups canned coconut milk PASSION FRUIT SAUCE 10 passion

‘Natural’ is not necessarily safe!

Ok, here’s a rant coming at you!   I’m so tired of seeing and hearing comments on how can we ‘naturally’ cure something?   Like, how can I get off my thyroid meds and cure my thyroid disease, or how

Lose weight with emotional clearing

What if I told you, you don’t have to go on a diet, or even a detox in order to lose weight, you just need to remove the emotional junk that’s going on in your head. It never amazes me,

Purple is beautiful!

I’ve been trying to write this blog for such a long time, all of January to be exact, but for some reason I’ve been resisting.  Actually, I know why….’writing’ the blog is just too slow, and right now I’m craving

Soup ~ Your Way to Healthy Nourishment

  Soup certainly doesn’t sound like any special life changing superfood. It’s soup, you’ve eaten it all your life. Yet soup has massive potential that often gets hidden behind nasty preservatives and less than ideal flavoring agents. The true beauty

Hormone balancing mushroom soup

Use food as medicine and you’ll find they work better than any synthetic medication on the market…this is especially true when it comes to balancing your hormones. One of the best ways to balance your hormones and jumpstart your body’s

The best years of your life are right now….so what are you waiting for?

How you choose to perceive your reality AND your life is completely and totally up to you.   If you’re not liking your reality, if you’re not liking your life, guess what?  You CAN change it!  It’s YOUR reality, it’s

Stop saying tomorrow…

Are you ready to stop saying tomorrow (I will lose weight, I will start eating clean, workout………..fill in the blank) and start today? If so, read on >>>> We need to start with it all begins…in the digestive system.  So,

Life is…

We make it so hard sometimes….trying to find the right answers and the right people to give us the right answers, but really we just have to think how simple can it be, right? How simple can it be! But

SOUP ~ your way to healthy nourishment

I lost most of my weight (26 extra pounds to be exact) when I started to follow an Ayurvedic lifestyle and really committed to eating an earlier, lighter dinner (which is the secret to losing and maintaining  your ideal weight),

Travel essentials when you’re ready to hit the road (or skies)

During the last 5 years  I have done an insane amount of traveling.  No complaints, as a matter of fact, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’ve traveled all over the world including Japan, India, Africa, South America and

Read your body like a book ~ what your tongue is trying to tell you…

This is so cool One of the greatest things I learned while studying Ayurveda is tongue diagnosis and how it helps us to look inside and see imbalances and disorders that are happening in the body, even before they manifest

Preparing for fall

I love this time of year, when the temperature begins to cool and colors in nature begin to get richer!  I don’t consider fall a time of ‘dying’, to me, it’s an opportunity to start over, set intentions, and renew

Practical tips to cope with stress ~ get out of overwhelm and into calm

Stress is an inevitable part of life — we can certainly agree on that, can’t we? There are some things in life that we just can’t dodge, no matter how much we want to, and stress is one of them.

5 tips to help you tolerate Raw Foods so your skin can sparkle!

I love summer and all the fruit and vegetables options we have.  It’s one of the best ways to hydrate and clear up your skin ~ from the inside out. The problem, is that many of us cannot tolerate raw

5 herbs for anti-aging from the ancient healing science of Ayurveda

I’ve been studying Ayurveda now for over 6 years, and I’ve been studying about longevity and anti-aging for quite honestly, over 25 years – and what I have come to realize is that it all boils down to your hormones.

Your checklist for decluttering your home and moving stagnated energy

Over the course of my life, I have moved more times than I can count with my fingers.  It started as a young child when my father moved us all over the world due to the military.  Then it continued

Three Wellness tips I learned in India

On April 7th I flew to Goa, India, to practice Ashtanga yoga with one of my beloved teachers John Scott.  I was also turning 50 this month, and thought what better place to spend your birthday than on the other

Spring Cauliflower & Leek Soup

It’s spring, and in the Ayurvedic world we call this time of year Kapha season.   It’s the wet season for those of us living in the northern hemisphere and with this wetness comes allergies and upper respiratory problems (aka

Balance your hormones, detox your liver, and lose the weight

I just hosted my first webinar the other day, and I have to admit, it was a labor of love.  I have spend countless hours interviewing experts and reading everything I could get my hands on….from books to research on

Getting ready for a real adventure!

I realized that I haven’t blogged in a while, even though I have been sending out newsletters and connecting on social media, it’s not the same.  Blogging on my own website is different because its a sacred space I have

What do you do when you get really bad news?

I’m writing this blog on my long flight from Minneapolis to  Hawaii and thinking wow, the irony of all this! Two days ago my husband and I received some pretty bad news, not a life or death situation (although it

Pomegranate Anti-aging Juice

How appropriate that this beautiful, juicy red fruit is in season all the way through February (and March if you are lucky enough to live on the West Coast). Pick some pomegranates up at your local health food  or grocery

A healthier version on a childhood favorite – Chocolate Pancakes of course

I have always associated Valentine’s Day with a scrumptious and sinful brunch….and some bubbly!  It’s my favorite way of celebrating this day of love and chocolate. A Valentine’s tradition in our house was to make a delicious brunch, which included

Sunshine Lassi

We’re in the dead of winter, and I don’t know about you, but I could use some sunshine right about now! Seasonal Affective Disorder – aka SAD  is very real, and can be potentially life-threatening. You can read more about

Power up with a Superfood Bowl

DC Blizzard 2016 demands superfood.  Below  is a recipe adapted from The Essential Alkaline diet containing much needed protein, good fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  This is a quick and powerful meal you can make when you know you

Raspberry Power Smoothie

As I sit here bracing for the ‘blizzard’ that is supposed to hit the DC area this weekend, I’m thinking about what kind of smoothie you and I  can make in advance and store in the fridge (in case the

Are you resolving to be more efficient in 2016?

Do you believe you need to procrastinate less, multitask more, and stick to your to-do-list in order to be happy or successful? Efficiency and doing more is the new national obsession, but science is telling us that it doesn’t create

Holiday parties, New Year’s eve, and how to recover the day after

You told yourself you would only have one drink with dinner, but the wine kept flowing and the food kept coming, and the conversation was so interesting, and you were having a BLAST… thing you know, you had one drink

The perfect winter remedy for a healthy emotional body

I’m taking advantage of every sunny day we get here in the D.C. area and spend it outdoors, enjoying the fresh crisp air while I walk my dog or do some yard work.  Getting fresh air, staying active, and getting

Gluten-free & Grain-free Pumpkin Spice Squares

Pumpkin is one of my favorite vegetables to eat in the fall, and what better way to enjoy this golden delicious veggie than as dessert, right?! Pumpkins are full of anti-oxidants, helps to fight cancer, improves skin texture, reduces blood

Spice Churna for optimal digestion

Change of season means a lot of variability with my digestion and my energy levels – you see I’m what they call Vata Dosha in Ayurvedic terms.  But it doesn’t matter what type of dosha (or energy/constitution) is dominant, fall

Keep your skin healthy & glowing this winter with this daily ritual

Dry skin brushing may sound unappealing, especially during the cold months, but it’s actually one of the best things you can do for your largest organ this winter. Dry Skin brushing helps to stimulate collagen production, which improves skin texture

My preferred nightcap!

Golden milk has officially become my favorite nightcap as the weather gets colder and the nights get longer here in DC.  It’s one of those delicious treats that taste almost sinful, yet so good for you. I like to end

Fall treats that won’t send your blood sugar on a roller coaster ride!

It seems that as soon as Halloween comes around, we get on a sugar ride that doesn’t really end until the following year! I’m including some of my favorite treats that are detox friendly, will totally satisfy your sweet tooth,

Berry Blast Smoothie with Tahini

Tahini is a Middle Eastern food made out of ground sesame seeds and is loaded with health benefits.  It helps maintain healthy skin and muscle tone, provides healthy fats & minerals, it’s a rich sources of Vitamin E and B,

“Adrenal Fatigue” while it’s not a real medical term, the symptoms are undeniable!

According to Western medicine, adrenal fatigue is not a real medical term, but adrenal insufficiency is.  Before I dive into the subject of adrenal fatigue and give you my educated opinion and experiences, let me first explain adrenal insufficiency. Adrenal

Simple, easy, & fights cancer!

One of the easiest ways to make a smoothie that’s jam packed with amazing nutrients and cancer fighting abilities is to actually juice some of the vegetables. So I’ve started to juice specific vegetables and fruit and use this juice

It’s FIG season!

My favorite time of year is August & September and that’s because it’s Fig season and I LOVE FIGS (plus by this time, I’m really looking forward to fall)!  This is also the time of year when we start feeling

What would summer be without cherries?

Full of pits! Honestly, one of the many joys of summer is being able to eat all these yummy fruits that are only available in the warm summer months – you know, cherries, watermelon, figs…the sweetness and joy of the

Traveling and eating a clean diet…yes, it’s possible!

Eating healthy and maintaining your weight while traveling can feel as foreign as the country you’re visiting… I’m writing to you from sunny Greece, after visiting Rome and Brindisi for the first time since I was 4 years old. Italy

What does coffee have in common with this powerful cilantro smoothie?

Can you imagine your life without coffee? Ummmm, hell no! Look, as a yogi, or rather an ashtangi, (and after practicing for nearly 5 years I believe I have earned the right to call myself that), I cannot imagine life

It’s Dandelion & Berry Season!

A couple of weeks ago I sent out a newsletter describing the season we’re in – Spring.  I decided to share it on my blog because it’s such a good reminder for everyone that Spring is a time of new

My top vegetarian protein-rich food to add into your diet

Spirulina – This contains the highest form of protein found anywhere in the world (70%). This superfood is a great recommendation for those seeking to lose weight and who want to maintain great health. I suggest adding a tablespoon to

Sweet (detox friendly) Seductions

You’ll want to do a little dance after you taste the coconut/cashew cream with berries and the homemade chia pudding covered with strawberry preserves. Chia is loaded fiber, protein, omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, and the berries are full of

What to be aware of when you’re consuming supplements

One of the ways I stay current in my nursng profession is by reading clinical, peer reviewed nursing journals.  Today I read an article that listed the reasons why nurses need to be teaching patients about vitamin and mineral supplementation.

The simple truth about table sugar

Hi Sweet Friend, I know you’ve been hearing a lot about sugar, and it’s been on my mind as well. A couple of years ago I attended a workshop for healthcare providers regarding sugar and it’s impact on the brain

Wild Caught Petrel Sole Fillet

(picture of the fillets prior to baking) I just created this dish this evening and just had to share it.   First of all my son loved it and that means a lot – especially since it’s fish and vegetables!

Spices as remedy in the winter season

SPICES AS REMEDY IN THE WINTER  Spring is coming (and I can’t wait), but we still have several weeks of winter to deal with and many of my clients and friends have been complaining of the following: Catching one cold/virus

Slow Cooker Vegan Lentil Soup

I love my crockpot on the days I have to work or when I know I’ll have very little time to be in the kitchen. Crockpot meals are my savior – they’re healthy, fast, and easy.  Just throw all the

It’s a soup making kinda day!

Baby it’s cold outside!  It’s snowing and the temperatures are in the single digits again… let’s get inspired and cook up a pot of soup or two. Here are some of my favorite soup recipes from my Winter Detox back

How to Start the Day Right

“Every small step you take toward an Ayurvedic lifestyle will have an immediate and positive effect on your body, mind, and consciousness.”  Dr Vasant Lad Simply starting the day right is a step towards the right direction (and towards an

5 ways to rev up your digestive system this winter!

Your digestive system might be feeling just like the weather outside – damp, cold, heavy, and stagnant! It’ that time of year when you feel like winter will never be over – January just won’t end!  By now you’ve fought

Try sweet potatoes for breakfast

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 1 small onion, chopped 1 red pepper, chopped 1 medium sweet potato, chopped ½ cup lentils 2 garlic cloves, chopped ½ teaspoon sea salt ½ teaspoon black pepper ½ teaspoon red chili flakes

Carrot-ginger power soup

One of my favorite go to soups in the fall is this vegan, super easy to make, carrot ginger soup.  It’s packed with nutrients, anti-oxidants, and protein keeping your body nourished and your blood sugar levels stable so that you

Are vitamins just expensive urine?

I don’t know about you, but about this time of year my stress level increases and my mood is well – not so good.  I don’t know if it’s the realization that the holidays are just around the corner and

Vegan, nourishing, and detox friendly soup

So many people ask me if all we do is drink juices or lemon water all day long during our seasonal nutritional detoxes and the answer, of course, is NO!  We cut out all inflammatory food, and eat simply –

Do you suffer with jaw tension, headaches, or sinus issues…try this old Ayurvedic technique

I’m sure you’ve heard of the numerous benefits of oil pulling but did you know that it can help alleviate jaw pain caused by tension, and can help with headaches and sinus problems as well?  This ancient Ayurvedic technique has

3 things you can start doing now to increase ojas (life force):

Are you feeling somewhat distracted, tired, depleted, or just plain tired as we’re heading into fall?  I always recommend a good nutritional detox at the change of these 2 seasons (fall & spring), but if you haven’t done one yet,

My favorite meal in a bowl recipe for fall (plus it’s super good for your thyroid)!

Fall is coming and in Ayurveda, that means we’re heading into Vata season which contains the elements of air and ether.  For me it means I have to start incorporating some more cooked foods in with my raw foods to

Time to hit the Reset Button – Free 3 Day Juice Cleanse

Why you should start juicing daily. One of the quickest ways to get vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes into every cell in your body is to juice. Your body can absorb these nutrients from your raw juice in about 15

Nourish & Detox your body this fall with practices that are over 5,000 years old!

If you have never heard of Ayurveda, here’s the skinny: Ayurveda translates to ‘knowledge of life’ or ‘science of life’.  Ayurveda is to India what Traditional Chinese Medicine is to China.  Ayurveda is about living in communion with the shifts

My top gluten-free breakfast suggestions

Hi Sweet Friend! Recently I was in Greece visiting my mother and had an opportunity to host a workshop on digestive health and how inflammatory foods such as gluten and dairy can wreak havoc on your digestive system. Easier said

Anti-microbial tea to the rescue!

Summer is always a time of increased activity – we’re either going out more, traveling more, staying up later, and well, having more fun I suppose.  Our bodies can get run down and you might feel that scratchiness in the

Ayurvedic Guidelines for Summer

It’s July already and here on the East Coast it is getting hot!  Summer is like that – hot, sharp & bright!  It’s what we call pitta season in Ayurveda, made up of fire and water. How do we keep


I just listened to a superb talk on anxiety by Dr Gottfried and Dr Shojai and just had to share the take away points! How can you even tell if you are suffering from low level anxiety?  Below are a

Not all green juices are good for you!

Yes – that’s right!  Not all green juices are good for you – it really depends on how you’ve been living your life the last few months & years. The higher the voltage in a green juice the more intestinal

Epigenetics & Ayurveda

What does Epigenetics have to do with and Ayurveda?  Oh my God, everything!  I’ve known about epigenetics for a long time now, but just recently I heard an interview with Cate Stillman and Dr Eric Grasser on “epigenetics and Ayurveda”

Finding peace during Kapha Season

Recently I taped a video of myself after mysore practice (ashtanga yoga for those of you unfamiliar with the term ‘mysore’) and I mentioned that Spring in Ayurveda is Kapha season.  While I’m not going to get deep into defining the

Candida – What is it?

Its a fungus (yeast) and small amounts actually live in your mouth & small intestine. But, it can grow out of control for various reasons such as high consumption of sugar, alcohol, refined carbs, stress, taking too many antibiotics,  birth

Time to put your Oxygen Mask on!

So many times life can get stressful and out of control ; even simple things like planning a vacation, preparing for Passover or Easter, or even getting taxes done could cause us stress!  Unfortunately, our world has become super stressful

Vegan Creamy Cheesecake with homemade Strawberry Jam in a Glass

This creamy cheesecake is super easy to make and it’s detox friendly.  So yes, if you’re participating in my April 25th detox – this dessert can be added to your menu!  You’ll feel like you’re cheating, but no need for

Berry Delight Smoothie

Berries are nature’s super food – they provide our body with antioxidants to help fight cancer, as a matter fact, there’s a recent study which shows that strawberries can help prevent & fight esophageal cancer.  Berries are very low in sugar,

Almond Milk – a delicious alternative to dairy

Last month one of my favorite vegan authors & bloggers, Kris Carr, wrote a very informative blog on how dairy impacts your health.  You can read all about it here: A delicious alternative to dairy is homemade almond milk;

Detox friendly protein balls

Easy – no fail recipe: 3/4 cup pumpkin seeds 3/4 cup sunflower seeds 
1/2 cup soaked chopped dates (soaked to make them easier to combine) 3 T flaxseed meal 3 T coconut oil 
1 T raw cacao powder 1 T

Green Smoothie Madness

Green Smoothie Madness 1 cup home-made  almond, hemp or coconut milk 1 banana, frozen
 ½ avocado
 Handful of parsley 1 cup kale or baby spinach 1 tablespoon ground flax seeds 1 tablespoon chia
seeds 1 teaspoon cinnamon
 ½ teaspoon vanilla (optional) Stevia

Simple and incredibly delicious Greek Lentil Soup

5 Tips to manage stress…

  Stress & Your Digestive Health Holidays are notorious for getting us completely stressed out.  The end of the year is coming, time is running out, family members are visiting or we are traveling to visit them, we’re cooking more

Hearty Dal Soup

Hearty Dal Soup  (serves 4) Adapted from Forks Over Knives Ingredients: 3 ¼ cups water 1 onion, chopped 2 garlic cloves, crushed 1 tsp smoked paprika ¼ tsp ground cumin Freshly ground black pepper 1 cup dried red lentils One

Chia Pudding

VANILLA CHIA PUDDING This is a quick gluten-free and vegan recipe that can be enjoyed for breakfast, snack or dessert. Chia seed pudding is a wonderful and delicious way to add protein, omega-3, and fiber to your diet.  (Serves 8)  

Roasted Pumpkin Soup (with Superfood Maca)

It’s that time of year and pumpkins are being sold at the farmer’s market – fall is here! Below is one of my favorite soups adapted from ‘Superfood Cuisine’ – its yummy and totally energizing. Enjoy…. ROASTED PUMPKIN SOUP (with

Food Combining 101

One of the key factors to health is energy conservation; therefore, conserving energy during digestion is of the utmost importance. We also find that a lot of our digestion problems stem from not what we eat but how we combine

Tropical Banana Smoothie

This smoothie has become my family’s favorite and it comes right out of my Summer Detox Recipe Guide. It’s a great post-workout smoothie (or after a night of indulgence). Ingredients: 1 banana 1 orange 1 cup coconut water 1 cup

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