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Big Planetary News For August 2023!

The month of August is busy and sensitive, like a Pitta person who is hungry and tired….watch out!

Let me start off with saying there is a New Moon on August 16th at approximately 2:38am PST / 5:38am EST in the Nakshatra (lunar mansion or star constellation) called Ashleshā and in Gandanta.


What is a Gandanta point?

Gandanta literally means ‘a knot at the end’ and really signifies a deep issue that is difficult to unravel, just like a knot.

Ashleshā is considered a Gandanta point which always takes place between a water and a fire sign in the zodiac.  In this case, the Moon is getting ready to cross over from a water sign, Cancer, into a fire sign, Leo, causing the Moon to feel stressed.  Since the Moon is associated with our emotions, don’t be surprised if you’re feeling more stressed or agitated than usual.

The Sun is also in Cancer, in the Nakshatra of Ashelshā and in Gandanta.

The Sun will be in Sankranti (0 degrees), which means the Sun will be very weak with no shakti or life force on August 17th at approximately 12:34am PST / 3:34am EST.

Together, the Sun and the Moon are currently in Gandanta and in a planetary war with each other, so your mind and emotions are in opposition.  Depending what area of life Cancer is in your chart, you may also be experiencing setbacks.   But remember, the Nakshatra Ashlesha, is all about overcoming and defeating obstacles, you’ll get through this once the Gandanta energy subsides.

Some practical advice – take Thursday, August 17th off, do something enjoyable.   Don’t start anything new on that day, just take the day off from any major decisions or planning.

Ashlesha –> Destroyer of all enemies & obstacles! 

Ashleshā is a Nakshatra that is ruled by the Nagas (deified serpents), which are part human and part serpents and live in the underworld.  And as such, Ashlesha is a constellation that has deep mystical powers that can produce spiritual transformation and change but also has the shakti or power to poison.

This Dark Moon is about spirituality, occult studies, using ‘poison’ as medicine, exploring consciousness, and deep transformation, and the ability to shed the old and grow into something new.

This New Moon may be psychologically uncomfortable for you because it can bring to the surface things buried deep in your consciousness or your dark shadows.

Mood swings and emotional outbursts are more prevalent right now and this can create challenges in relationships particularly for those of you with your Moon in Ashlesha.

If this is your experience, remember, this dark moon is calling you to overcome these deep psychological ‘knots’ as well as any obstacles in your way, and transform into a better version of ‘YOU’.

Sometimes we have to swallow the poison before we can heal.

You will benefit tremendously by diving deep into your spiritual practices, yoga practice, or connecting with nature.


Saturn is also challenging due to Saturn’s aspects on all planets at different points this month.

Saturn causes separation, delays, loss, and difficulties.  If your lagna (rising sign) is Aquarius or your Moon is in Aquarius, you are feeling the most intense influence and pressure of Saturn on your health & emotions because Saturn has been in the sign of Aquarius since the beginning of 2023.

Saturn is also aspecting three other signs –>  Aries, Leo, and Scorpio.  So if your rising sign is one of these three, you are probably feeling the intensity of Saturn right now on your health, your love life, work life, or home life.

Virgo, Aries, Sagittarius are the only three signs that may experience positive outcomes from Saturn’s transit due to his positive placement in your birth chart.


In other planetary news Venus went retrograde July 22nd and enters the sign of Cancer on August 7th. 

Venus will go direct again on September 3rd and enters the sign of Leo, great news for everyone with a Leo Lagna!

RETROGRADE….What does this mean?

A retrograde planet from the Earth’s point of view, appears as if it  has come to a standstill and then appears to begin moving backwards.  This is only due to the the Earth’s orbit, it’s not because the planet is really going backwards.

A retrograde planet in Vedic Astrology will be very strong, and its desires extremely intense, but these desires may be twisted so an exalted planet will act like a debilitated one and a debilitated planet will act like an exalted one.

As far as this transit is concerned, Venus’s retrogression is a stressful one because it moved from Leo a fire sign, back into Cancer, a water sign, on July 22nd, and will go direct again into the sign of Leo on September 3rd.  These points of crossing over, called Gandānta, from a water sign into a fire sign can be extremely stressful for the planet, and will be noticed in whatever area of life Cancer and Leo are in your birth chart.

Venus signifies relationships, diplomacy, creativity, art, cars, and beautiful ornaments.

During this retrograde Venus period, I recommend not purchasing new jewelry, cars, or starting any new projects related to significations of Venus.

Instead, focus on repairing any broken relationships, work on improving your current relationships, visit old friends, clean old jewelry, repair and clean your car, redecorate your home, or improve a work of art you already own.

And finally Mercury goes retrograde in Leo on August 23rd until September 15th.

Mercury is very comfortable in Leo, so I’m hoping communication won’t be completely impaired.  But my advice is watch out for burn out in the area of communication, especially from social media outlets



If you would like more insight into what the rest of the year will manifest for you, if you have any burning questions, concerns, or simply want to know more about yourself, your dharma and your life, simply CLICK HERE.

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