The best years of your life are right now….so what are you waiting for?

The best years of your life are right what are you waiting for?

How you choose to perceive your reality AND your life is completely and totally up to you.   If you’re not liking your reality, if you’re not liking your life, guess what?  You CAN change it!  It’s YOUR reality, it’s YOUR life,  just start RE-WRITING your reality script!

This is the powerful work of JOURNALING.

If you are feeling stuck in anyway, in your health, career, weight, relationships, life purpose….anything, and I mean ANYTHING at all….then you need to start writing.  Just start writing anything and everything that comes to mind.  DETOX your brain, dump all the negativity right out of your pretty little head and create a new script for that little negative nelly that keeps whispering in your ear.

You DO NOT have to believe anything that chatter in your head keeps telling you because you are now going to re-write how you’re going to think, and how you’re going to act.

This is the magic and power of MINDSET WORK done through the art of JOURNALING.

Are you aware how powerful Journaling can be when it comes to your success, your health, life balance, career, relationships….whatever it is you want?
YES >>>> you can manifest your goals and desires and achieve them through the powerful technique of journaling.

First begin by dumping ALL your negative thoughts down on paper.  Answer the following questions ~

What’s stopping you from achieving set goal________________ (the weight loss you want, the money you want, the health you want, etc).  Write everything that comes to mind.  Is it because you were always told you ‘can’t carry anything through‘, or ‘you are not worth having…….’,  ‘you’re not smart enough, motivated enough, strong enough, brilliant enough to……’.  Just fill in the blanks.  What is the story in your head that’s stopping you?

Write ALL the sh*t down.  Be honest with yourself.  What have you been told, and what reasons do you continue to tell yourself as to why you cannot achieve you GOALS – whatever they may be?

Next, let’s rewrite the story so you can begin shifting your mindset, your reality, and so you can start manifesting what you want in your life.  

If your goal is to let’s say lose weight and look sexy and hot.  Start writing down what would a person who is sexy and hot look like?  

What time would they get up in the morning?

What would they do first thing in the morning?

What would they eat throughout the day? How often?

What would their exercise routine look like? How often?  How long?

What kind of clothes would they be wearing?

What would their hair look like?

Would they wear make-up and if so what kind, brand, colors?

What type of skin care products would they be using?

What type of self-care practices would they be practicing?

What type of people would they surround themselves with?

What would their evening routine look like?

What time would they go to bed?

What thoughts would they be thinking?

When you are able to write your answers to these questions, you can begin to visualize how a person who has already accomplished the goal you want would act, think, and go about their day.


So now start doing, acting, practicing, your answers.  

If you wrote down for example, a person who is sexy & hot exercises everyday for a minimum of 60 minutes, then start working on doing just that.

You have to imagine yourself already having accomplished your goal and then you basically work your way backwards from there.  Doing everything from a point of view that you have ALREADY reached your goal.

But….to make ALL of this happen….you MUST RE-WRITE YOUR SCRIPT through daily journaling practices.

In fact, if you REALLY want to change YOUR life around, this is the one daily habit you want to learn how to do ASAP!  It helps you get out of your own way, and reminds you of what REALLY matters.

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Change your world one written word at a time! xo


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