Balance your hormones, detox your liver, and lose the weight

Balance your hormones, detox your liver, and lose the weight

I just hosted my first webinar the other day, and I have to admit, it was a labor of love.  I have spend countless hours interviewing experts and reading everything I could get my hands on….from books to research on the subject of hormones and weight loss.  This webinar took months and months to prepare.  At the same time, I did not want to overwhelm my listeners with a lot of technical, medical jargon – so I had to refine and streamline the information, which was also pretty time consuming.

I have a pretty smart and savvy group of readers and listeners  (hey, people in the DC area are known for their smarts), so I had to have my facts straight while at the same time keep it relevant to what the listener needed to know.  It turned out pretty darn good, and I even  included a couple of tests in there that you can actually do at home (all the instructions are in the webinar).

As I’m typing this blog, I have my video guy getting it ready to post on my website, so check back because you’ll be able to actually download this webinar and listen to it at your own pace.  It’s about 90 minutes long, and it’s jam packed with information YOU should know and be aware of  about your hormones, you liver, and why you might be getting thicker and thicker around your middle – and this applies to not only for women but men as well.

Your hormones dictate everything about you; they determine whether you’re going to lose weight, gain weight, feel happy, feel miserable, be depressed, feel energetic, tired, sleepy or alert, and whether you will end up with a chronic disease.  Your hormones totally run the show of YOU, and as I explained in the webinar, when one hormone decides to go off and sing a different tune, all the other hormones get out sync as well and this can cause your health and weight a lot of problems.

Sometimes hormonal imbalances cannot be avoided, and in that case, I recommend to get all the help you can get from holistic as well as allopathic modalities.   Most of the times, though, we’re just not doing what we need to do to take care of our the major organs which keep are hormones balanced – aka, your liver.

That is why, every season, and in particular the spring, nature provides us with an opportunity to cleanse, rejuvenate, and detoxify our organs which in turn helps to rectify many hormonal imbalances resulting in a healthier and leaner you.

This April, join me on this detoxification journey and feel lighter, rejuvenated and energized.  Get ready for summer and get ready to bare some skin by committing to taking care of yourself this Spring.  Your liver and your hormones will thank you for it.

My early bird price ends on April 7th, so don’t wait!  Just click HERE for more information.

Can’t wait to have you join me!




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