Set the stage for Wellness & Wellbeing during pregnancy & beyond with Ayurveda

In Auyurveda, we value and put emphasis on the first 40 days after birth which are the most precious time for mother and baby, in particular for the mother’s recovery and healing process. 


Self-care after delivery plays an important role not only for the new mother, but for the baby as well, and here is why – 

  1. Your body needs time to heal from carrying a baby for nearly 10 months, and your body and mind need to heal from the childbirth experience.
  2. Babies require a lot of work in the first few months, 24/7 attention. You need rest and someone to care for you as you attend to your baby’s needs.
  3. Hormonal changes after giving birth can cause emotional shifts that can drain your system and leave you fatigued; therefore self-care is critical after delivery.
  4. Feeding your baby takes up a lot of energy, and ensuring you have a sufficient supply is dictated by your agni (digestive fire) and the quality and frequency of the food you feed yourself. The right foods, which are warm, nutrient dense, and easy to digest can facilitate the recovery process and how you parent moving forward.
  5. This time of self-care ensures you are tuning into your body and what it needs and allows the bonding process between you and your baby to be loving and healthy.
  6. And finally, how you take care of yourself during and after birth sets the stage for later in life in your menopausal years.

Ayurvedic Prenatal & Postpartum Support Program


Initial Ayurvedic Consultation

Detailed diet/lifestyle recommendations during prenatal and/or postpartum

Herbal recommendations to support pregnancy and/or for postpartum care recovery

Herbal infused oil recommendations for vastis (herbal infused oil used for enemas to balance Vata dosha)

Herbal infused oil recommendations for abhyanga

Two 30-minute follow up visits in person or online

2 weeks of email/text support

Doula recommendation

Ayurvedic Prenatal & Postpartum Support Program

Investment:  $575 

(herbs are not included in fee)

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