Let me help you find relief from the following:

  • Difficulty concentrating or staying focused
  • Sleep challenges
  • Stress, anxiety, irritability, racing mind, or mood swings
  • Thyroid issues
  • Physical and mental challenges related to peri-menopause/menopause
  • Low energy, lack of motivation
  • Chronic fatigue or adrenal fatigue
  • Digestive challenges such as bloating, constipation, GERD, heartburn
  • Skin challenges, such as eczema, psoriasis, dryness, acne, itchiness
  • Body pain or fibromyalgia

The 'Glow' of Health!  

This glow, called ‘OJAS’ in Ayurveda is your personal aura, strength, and vitality that is produced when you are truly healthy.  An abundance of true health and vitality is your best safeguard against mental and physical disease.  Mental clarity and cognitive memories flourish, the body is strong, the tissues are flexible and supple, your skin is glowing, eyes are shiny, and you are mentally and spiritually strong.

Our ultimate goal in life is to be truly healthy and understand our purpose so that we can enjoy life fully and be at peace with ourselves and the world.

Discovering your unique constitution will bring clarity and understanding on your unique body type, your tendencies, and how to tap into your inner healer.  Our work together is not a quick fix, but a journey of re-acquainting yourself to the daily rhythms of nature, and enhancing your own healing and wellbeing abilities.

Cooking With Om

1st Step:  Schedule an Initial Ayurvedic Consultation Appointment

The initial consultation consists of an in-depth Ayurvedic assessment of your pulse, tongue, skin, nails, and blood pressure, as well as an in depth evaluation and assessment of mind, body, and medical astrology chart.    Questions will be asked regarding your digestion, elimination, sleep cycles, mental and emotional patterns of thought and reactions to stress, as well as your long term and short term health and life goals.

Annette will create a personalized plan according to your constitution (Prakruti) and present situation (Vikruti), that includes dietary guidance and nutritional plan, daily routine and lifestyle changes,  meditation, pranayama (special breathing techniques),  custom herbal formulations, and color, aromas & sound therapies  to improve your health and happiness.   Specific treatments and therapies as well as cleanses and detox (panchakarma) may also be recommended if needed.

Annette is also a Vedic Astrologer in the Shri Achyutānanda Das Tradition from Orissa India, she will use this science to analyze your birth chart  in order to fully understand the karmic journey you are on and provide remedies as prescribed through Vedic Astrology, such as mantras, healing rituals and meditation practices.

This is a detailed and personalized roadmap of how to reach your short term and long term health goals.

Ayurveda is a system of medicine that provides a variety of healing methods to reach balance and optimal health physically and mentally.  By taking small incremental steps towards your desire goal, you will be able to heal, slow down biological aging and prevent disease.

I am here to help you on your journey of health, slowing down biological aging, increasing happiness and peace, improving self awareness, increasing self-care, and opening you up to the divine healing potential that is inside of you.

INITIAL AYURVEDIC PACKAGE includes a 90 minute initial health assessment; a 30 minute follow up;  and a 30 minute medical astrology review of your birth chart  – total investment – $325

*Please note that I require at least 24 hour cancellation notice, otherwise you will be charged $100 for the missed appointment.  

Follow-up Visits

After your Initial Ayurvedic Consultation,  I encourage you to book regular follow-up visits.  Reaching desired health goals takes time and patience. Together, we will work on the root cause of disease and avoid the ‘magic pill’ approach will only causes more complications and side effects.

Healing occurs when time and space are given for your body to do its natural job of healing.  Follow up visits can consist of a number of therapies and may include the following recommendations:  Diet and lifestyle guidance, herbal recommendations, Ayurvedic bodywork therapies, yoga, guided meditation, and breathing (pranayama) techniques.

Each consultation includes a pulse and tongue analysis for in person appointments, and a tongue analysis for online appointments.

  • 60 minute:  $150
  • 30 minute:  $75
  • 15 minute:  $40


**There is also a sliding scale option available, this can be discussed when scheduling your appointment.   

Appointments can be done in person, phone, or Zoom video conferencing.

This is a holistic approach to health drawing on my knowledge and education as an Ayurvedic Practioner and Registered Nurse experience to help you create your individualized health blueprint now and for the years ahead.

Privacy Notice: All information discussed between client and practitioner are subject to HIPPA laws and may not be shared without the explicit written request of the client.


Schedule your complimentary 15-minute consultation or schedule your treatment by calling me at (562) 506-0238.

You can also fill out the form below with your questions, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Let me guide you through the magical healing world of Ayurvedic Medicine, and watch your health and life to transform.

I look forward to getting to know you better!

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